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The latest Post Nemesis Warbird from the Star Empire- The Dvoridex! 2400m in length, wingspan of 2600m. This thing dwarfs even DS9. It can b...


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The latest Post Nemesis Warbird from the Star Empire- The Dvoridex! 2400m in length, wingspan of 2600m. This thing dwarfs even DS9. It can be called nothing short of a Romulan mobile battle station! It provides a barrage of assault weapons that would blast a Sovereign Class in half, kill a Prometheus in 15 seconds, and likely lay waste to DS9 on a single pass. 43200 damage point pulse cannons and a barrage of 24 torpedoes and tractor beams in every arc make this vessel the most lethal ever built. Second only to the Borg. This vessel doesn't turn very fast, in fact it is very slow. But maneuver in front and you are dead. Take her for a cruise and destroy enemy bases at will. 50000 hull points and 30000 shields....

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Download 'sfp_bc2dvoridex.rar' (1.66MB)

====Starforce Productions & BC2 Dvoridex====
Christmas 2005

Scaled Length: 2400m (width 2600m)
Design, Mesh and texture alterations: Nightsoft/Raven Night
Model and textures: LC Amaral
Conversion and HP: Starforce2
Torpedo By Durandal
Thanks to  Collective Allaince forum for beta testing.

Dvoridex weapons
4x torpedo tubes,  6 each fore
2x  Torpedo  tubes, 6 each aft
1 1200 damage pulse cannon port and star aft,  2  dorsal, 2  ventral,  2  port/star beak
4x light cannons (800 damage)  foreward edge of the wings
4x 3200 damage assult cannon, nose.
13 truely evil surprises placed strategicly around the hull :D

Please  note that if you  chose to attack this vessel with a 700m starship and you wind up  infront of this thing,  you with loose your ship in about 10 seconds.  It has dual fwd tractors and plenty of mass to stop you cold  while your ship is disintigrated with a multitude of  pulse weapons and a barage of 24 torpedoes. This vessel   is  meant for taking on the supervessels of  other races for BC2 (none of them  have been built yet) and cubes,  starbases ect. I don't want to hear any whinning about how this ship blew your excelcior in half with 2 shots.

Notce: This ships armament differs from one of Raven's spec sheets. Since the 2 daigrams he sent me  conflict, I've improvezed a  bit and as soon as I am able  to contact hima nd get details on the proper weapons and lcoation I will update the hardpoint, and release a hardpoint only patch.



This mod is the property of Nightsoft, Inc., patent pending, and is not to be distributed for profit, sold,
bartered, rented, or otherwise used for personal gain without express permission from the owner. All rights
are reserved.

Permission is hereby given to all that wish to distribute or alter this mod, as long as the above conditions are
met and this licence is included in the readme, and appears at the top of the document. The mod must remain 
proprietory; usage is restricted to SFC, BC, KA and Armada. You must also secure permission from the original
author of the mod. If you wish to alter this mod in any way, we ask that you contact the original author for 
permission before you release it to the public. If you do not follow the aformentioned conditions, you will be
considered in violation of this user licence agreement, and will be subject to legal action. Any and all 
subsequent alterations or additions to this product are the property of Nightsoft. Nightsoft reserves the right
to alter this licence at any time.

Thank you and enjoy.

Raven Night

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