Starforce Productions - Franz Ferdinand



Here is the Starforce Productions Franz Ferdinand, possibly named after the Archduke of Austria, whose assassination at Sarajevo triggered the outbreak of World War I in 1914. This is an older Light Cruiser from the TMP period, this ship is useful as a science vessel for exploration. This ship is slower at impulse and has relatively weak weapons when compared to other vessels. This ship is armed with 8 dual turret phaser banks and 2 single turret medium phaser banks. This ship also has 2 forward Firing torpedo tubes as well.

This ship is very detailed and would be good for role playing an exploration ship, however this would struggle in a fight against cruisers.



====Starforce Productions  Franz Ferdinand====
Christmas 2005

Model and texture:  Wicked Zombie
Kitbash: Marauth
Conversion and HP: Starforce2
Weapons: p81  connie, durandal hp

Class: Older Light cruiser
This vessel uses  older styled impulse drive to allow  room for a cargo  bay and makes  a  good science vessel for exploring new M and similar class planets that allow direct human exploration. The ship  is slightly  slower at impulse than similar sized vessels. It's smaller reactor results in less shields and phaser strength as well.

Armed with 8 dual turret medium phaserbanks
2 single turret Medium phasers
2 photon torpedo tubes, fwd

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