Starforce Productions - Lexington



Here is another starship that has been created by Starforce Productions, the USS Lexington, that was based upon the Same Ship from Klingon Academy. This ship was designed to fill the gap between the Constitution class starship and the Excelsior class starships. The Lexington is more manuverable than the Excelsior, although not as powerful. This ship is armed with two forward and one aft torpedo launchers that can fire 3 photon torpedoes a time each.

The Lexington is more powerful than the constitution and miranda classes, and should be able beat one in a fight. This ship might be able to go up against small ships from the TNG era such as runabouts or perhaps a centaur or sabre (probably won't win though, but will give them a run for their money)



====Starforce Productions Lexington====

Model and textures:  P81
Enhancements: GAFY?, Fourteen

This vessel  is smaller than an excelcior and bridges the gab betwen it and the constitution. It is more  manuverable that the Excel as  well. Length is  set to 397m.

2 x 3 shot foreward  torpedo, 1  3  shot aft
14 dual turret phaserbanks ( fwd dorsal and ventral and  aft are high output 600 damage and the rest are 400 damage units)

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