Starforce Productions Skyhawk



Here is the Romulan Skyhawk, a light cruiser from the TMP era or around the same time as the Excelsior Class. The ship is only slighly smaller than the Federation Constitution Class, although for a ship its size it does pack a fair punch. This ship is armed with two aft torpedo bays as well as numerous disruptor banks and forward pulse weapons. The Skyhawk has the advantage of speed and manuverability to allow it to make high speed runs on targets, making this a good ship for hit and run raids on targets. This ship has a good weapons coverage making it a good all round vessel to fight in, although it probably won't do so well against heavy cruisers but will give a heavy cruiser such as an excelsior a run for its money.

This ship would be best suited for either escorting or hit and run raids, although for the latter if in numbers can probably take down even larger ships such as dreadnoughts or similar. In packs these ships can take down something much larger. In later refit of some of these vessels turned them into a medium cruiser in an effort to replace the Sparrow class medium cruisers that were also being refitted at the time. This resulted in a loss of the 2 aft torpedo tubes and other issues which didn't plague the Skyhawk in it's original form.



====Starforce Productions Skyhawk====

Model: Thulls
Textures: ganymad, with elements from atrahasis
Torpedo: Lauralins MrkX
Texture tweaks (green impulse): Cordanilus.
Conversion and HP: Starforce2

Excelcior era Light Cruiser

Size: 295m

1x Fwd Disruptor
5x Standard disruptors
2x medium disruptors
1x Fwd torpedo
2x Aft torpedo

Extra features: Each ship has it's own pulse and torpedo projectile file, even if they are the same, allowing advanced users to modify weapons strength without overwriting the master pulse or torpedo for the entire firehawk based fleet.

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