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Please note that this pack is NOT compatible with the latest version of the Stargate Pack, if you install this one as well as the thir...


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Please note that this pack is NOT compatible with the latest version of the Stargate Pack, if you install this one as well as the third version of the stargate pack this will cause some problems. It is highly recommended that you either install stargate packs 1 + 2 or stargate pack version 3 (not all of them

Here is the Stargate Ship pack, this includes several ships from Stargate SG - 1 and Stargate Atlantis, including Goa'uld, Tau'ri (Earth), Asgard, Replicator, Wraith and Ori ships / stations.

Please note that the First Stargate Pack is required for the orginal vessels to be installed and so that some of the updated functions work properly. This can be found here -;65246

More Information about the Modification

Please note that the following Review / Description contains spoilers for Stargate SG - 1 Season 9 and 10, and Stargate Atlantis Season 2 and 3.

Tau'ri There is one ship included in this pack, but however also includes hardpoints for the other earth ships from the first stargate pack.

F302 - The textures have been replaced with newer versions that are lighter and more detailed. There appear to be two different versions of the F-302 one that has been seen defending earth in SG-1 Season 7 episode Lost City Part 2 and another one that has been launched from the capital vessels. Highly recommended in dog fights against the Wraith Dart or Death Gliders. Just to note this ship is very vulnerable to NanoFX explosions and will probably not survive a close explosion.


The second stargate pack contains retextures of the Needle Treader, Ha'tak and Goa'uld starbase. This pack also includes one more new vessel Apophis's Flagship.

Needle Threader - a ship that was seen in Stargate SG - 1, Season 3 episode "In To The Fire". This ship is similar to that of a Ancient / Alterran puddle jumper (although very different shape), where it was designed to go through the stargate. The Needle Threader is more manuverable than that of a standard death glider and just as powerful. This ship is more than a match for the wraith dart and possibly the F302, although the latter is more difficult to fight against (depending on who gets the first shot). There is a slight improvement to the cockpit, but other than that this ship is still the same.

Ha'tak (all versions) - Since the last stargate pack, this ship has been given a brand new texture, including ore realistic textures that make the ha'tak look more like the shows version . The Replicator version of this ship has been made more powerful than before as it was too easy to take damage. There are four versions included in this mod, the Standard Goa'uld Ha'tak, a refit Ha'tak, Anubis' Ha'tak (The one that destroyed an Asgard Beliskner in "Revelations" (Season 5) and a Replicator controlled Ha'tak as seen in "The Reckoning Parts I and II" (Season 8 - SG - 1). All three of the ships are identical other than their weapons and shields.

The first type of ha'tak is the standard early Goa'uld version, this one is weaker than that of the X303 and BC 303. This ship can also destroy several small Star Trek vessels but against more manuverable ships such as a bird of prey or defiant it might not be able to hit it a long range. The second type of Ha'tak is a refit version that might have been used within the later seasons of SG-1 under the ranks of the Free Jaffa, this ship would be more powerful than the first but in a one on one fight with the earth ships it may very well struggle.

The third type of Ha'tak, Anubis Ha'tak is more powerful than the first and can take on the X303 or BC 303 although will take damage from it and can possibly take on multiple "heavy" star trek ships (i.e, Galaxies, Sovereigns, etc). Anubis' Hat'ak has been balanced against the Asgard Beliskner meaning it should be able to take it out. The forth type of Ha'tak is the Replicator Controlled Ha'tak, this ship is a lot more powerful and can easily destroy most ships fairly quickly. This ship can possibly take on 4 - 7 standard Ha'taks or more and win. This ship would also easily destroy most Star Trek ships with the exception of a Borg Cube which will more than likely destroy the Ha'tak.

Goa'uld Starbase - Here is the starbase of the Goa'uld as seen in Stargate SG -1 Season 5 episodes "Summit" and "Last Stand", this base is very powerful, this ship can easily take on a medium - large fleet of Ha'taks and even a couple of Asgard ships. This base is highly detailed and well made, however just as a note on slower computers when taking damage this may cause some slow downs to occur in game. This has been retextured for the second stargate pack and adds some improvements to the outsite (i.e. looks a bit better

Apophis's Flagship - Here is the powerful flagship of Apophis stole from Sokar, this ship is far more powerful than that of the ha'taks, the Asgard Beliskner and possibly the earth ships (BC304s). This ship is more than a match for multiple Ha'tak vessels (with the exception of the replicator version), multiple Tau'ri ships, but will struggle against Anubis mothership for firepower. This ship is no match for any of the ships that are far more powerful.

Asgard Here is the Asgard ships including two ships, a retexture of the Daniel Jackson (Science Vessel) and the Beliskner (including refit). Both of these ships now include a cloaking device as this has been mentioned in the Stargate SG-1 show.

Beliskner - This is the first asgard vessel seen in stargate SG - 1, as seen in the Season 2 episode "Thor's Chariot". This ship is fairly powerful as a Cruiser level ship as it will easily destroy the early ha'taks while taking minor damage. However against more powerful ha'taks such as Anubis's upgraded versions the Beliskner will in all probability lose fairly quickly. There is also a replicator version of this ship which is capable of taking on at least 5 standard versions of this ship. This ship has been well made and is highly detailed.

Beliskner Refit - This ship is similar to that of the Beliskner, but this ship has a slightly different model to match the ship that was seen in the Stargate SG - 1 episode "Revelations" in season 5. The hardpoints are identical to that of the previous version, this ship is more blueish that that of the original. This ship has been well made and is highly detailed.

Daniel Jackson - This ship has had a slight retexture since the first stargate pack to improve its appearance to make it more like the show itself. This ship was first seen in the SG-1 episode "New Order". However since this ship is only a science vessel, it won't be as powerful as the main warships within the Asgard Fleet. Saying that this ship is still more than a match for the Goa'uld Ha'tak vessels, although may lose against Anubis's Ha'tak or anything Higher.

Alteran / Ancient There are two Alteran vessels present in this pack, one is an update to the Puddle Jumper and the other is an Aurora class warship (including a fully powered one and an "orion" version)

Puddle Jumper - This ship is the ship as seen in Stargate Atlantis and three episodes of SG - 1 in Season 8. This ship is highly manuverable (in fact very similar to the show) and can easily avoid shots from the Ha'taks weapons at longer ranges but will get hit close up. The puddle jumper is only armed with 36 Drones which are all very powerful (even more so if you have Future Technologies). The drone weapons have been weakened due to the drones being too powerful. With this upgrade the puddle jumper can now fire three drones at a time (as seen in the very first episode of SGA).

The Puddle Jumper is more than a match for the wraith dart or even six. Although this may seem an uber ship, it is far from it as its hull is very weak in comparison to its weapons as any ship armed with phasers or a few unlucky hits from pulse phasers, distruptors or staff weapons can easily damage its hull. This ship also includes a MVAM mode where the weapons and engines pods are either inside or outside the ship. The weapons can only be fired when they are outside of the Puddle Jumper itself. This ship has also been rescaled and made more accurate to the show.

Aurora Class Warship - Fully Operational - Here is prossibly one of the most powerful ships in the stargate universe (after the Alteran City Ship - Atlantis, and possibly the ori cruiser). This ship can fire lots of drones in rapid succesion, destroying most vessels relatively quickly including an ori cruiser. This ship has been seen in Stargate Atlantis although the "Fully Operational" version has not been seen yet. The Ori Cruiser may be able to destroy this ship with its "Main Weapon", although its really dependant on who gets the first shot.

Aurora Class Warship - "Orion" - Here is the Aurora Class warship as seen in SG - Atlantis Season 2 episodes "Inferno" and "Allies" as well as Season 3 episode "No Mans Land". This ship is a damaged version of the Aurora class and does not have enough power to power both the weapons and the shields at the same time (although its possible to have both, just not at full levels). The "Orion" as named by Lt. Colonel John Sheppard, is capable of firing the same weapons as the fully powered version but depending on who it is facing against it may not have a chance to fire a second batch.

Wraith Wraith Dart - This ship has been retextured completely and now also includes the sound of the wraith dart which will add something to make it more like the show itself. This ship is fast and is capable of taking on either the F-302 or the Puddle Jumper but this does not mean that it will win. If the Dart gets the first shot then it may have a chance against a F - 302.


There is one ship and one supergate included within this pack.

Ori Supergate - There are two versions of this one active and one in-active. These do not do much, although it does have MVAM capability to activate the gate. The supergate now with the shuttle launching script is capable of launching upto four ori cruisers that have to be launched individually (as launching all four would cause them to crash into one another)

Ori Warship - This is the true Uber ship, as seen in the Stargate SG - 1 episode camelot (the season 9 finale). This ship is practically a god ship. The Ori main weapon can easily destroy a ha'tak vessel in one shot most of the time and tau'ri vessels in two or three shots. To even have a chance against this god ship you will need a Very large fleet of ships as this ship will destroy most of them with one shot. The secondary weapons although not as powerful as the main cannon can easily destroy mainly types of ships fairly easily with a few shots (maybe 3-10). The only ship that is capable of even having a chance against this ship is the Fully powered Alteran / Ancient Aurora Class warship (not the orion though).

All of these ships can be used to re-inact scenes against within Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis. This modification pack is highly recommended to any Stargate Fan as it will add a new part to bridge commander.

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Download 'secondstargatepack.rar' (63.43MB)

The Second Stargate Pack

By Dave975 and DKealt

E-Mail =


Description = So, after releasing the first pack, we finally got around to updating a few of the ships that we didn't have 
time to finish for the first pack, as well as starting some of the other more popular ships that were still missing at that
point. The result is this pack which contains several new ships as well as updates to the older ships and some of those that
were first released in the first pack, and a few other stargate - related additions. Hopefully you will all enjoy these new 
ships and upgrades as much as the previous ones.


Ancient/Alteran Ships.

Ancient warship - This is the amazingly powerful Aurora class warship from seasons 2 + 3 of Atlantis, and it comes with 2 
                  hardpoint variations. The first is the fully operational, really powerful version which can throw out a 
                  whole load of drones in quick succession and has powerful shields. The second is the damaged "Orion"
                  variant, which is slower due to damage and only has enough power to have either weapons OR shields 
                  active at one time (since they had to transfer the shield power to the weapons to fire in "No Man's Land"). 
                  With this version you may not survive long enough to fire a second shot against more powerful opponents.

Puddle-Jumper - Since the last pack was released we have added the little red dot lights on the bottom of the Jumpers, and 
                added the ability to fire 3 drones at once (as seen in "Rising"). 

`Note` - the drone's power has been modified because we felt it was too easy to destroy everything with a single Jumper!

Ori Ships/Stations.

Ori Warship - This is the mega-powerful "God-ship" first seen in "camelot". This ship is as close to a God ship as you can get
              since it was built by accended beings, so it's close enough. The main weapon on the front is powerful enough 
              to cut straight through a Goa'uld Ha'tak most of the time, although the Ha'tak may survive one shot if it's at
              long range. The ship is huge and puts even the Asgard to shame. It has a good coverage of pulses as a 
              secondary weapons system. You will need either a very large fleet to have a remote chance of beating this
              thing or the large amount of drones from the Ancient Warship.

Supergate - The supergate has been given a shuttle launching script since the first pack was released now that we have the 
            Ori warship to launch from it. It is capable of suddenly bringing in up to 4 warships to destroy just about 
            anyone who dares take it on. One word of warning though, don't launch them all at once or they'll all crash 
            right in front of you and explode in you're face (and that's not good!!!).

Goa'uld Ships.

Ha'tak's - Since the first pack was released we've vastly improved the mothership. The textures have been remaped allowing
           us to get rid of the repeating textures and add proper, far more accurate textures to the outer body of the ship.
           Also the pyramid has been neatened up a little bit now. Also we have rebalanced the Anubis Ha'tak to balance it
           to the new Beliskner. There is also a new engine sfx file for all the Ha'tak's, but it is a little bit quiet.

Needle Threader - Just a minor change to the cockpit for this one, but now it looks a little bit better.

Apophis's Flagship - This is the powerful flagship that Apophis stile from Sokar that was seen in "The Serpent's Venom" and
                     "Exodus/Enemies". It is far more powerful than any of the standard Ha'tak's, but will not be able to 
                     beat the Anubis Flagship (unless you get REALLY lucky!). At the moment it doesn't have an mvam mode, 
                     but at some point i will make one to make the ship able to fold in it's arms (as seen in "The Serpent's 

Starbase - The starbase has had a slight retexture since the first release. Nothing dramatic, but it just looks a little
           better than before.

Asgard Ships.

Beliskner - We finally have a ship to fill the cruiser role of the Asgard fleet, the Beliskner class mothership. This ship
            has been seen several times throughout SG-1, the most famous of which was "Thor's Charriot" (A.K.A. Beliskner).
            Against the early Ha'tak's and the refit's it will destroy them with minimal damage, but against a couple of
            Anubis's upgraded Ha'tak's it will most likely lose, just like in the episode "Revelations". I have also made
            a Replicator version of the Hardpoint with vastly more powerful weapons and shields. In "Small Victories" three
            Replicator controlled ships apparently laid waste to five standard Beliskner class motherships.

Beliskner Refit - This version has a slightly different model and textures, but the hardpoint is identical. The refit has a
                  flatter main body and head section, and the structure between the hyperdrive towers at the back is also
                  smaller. This is meant to reflect the ship seen in "Revelations", which was flatter and the lights were 
                  more blueish than on the original version. There is also a difference in details on the wings.

Daniel Jackson - As with the Goa'uld Starbase, the Daniel Jackson has had a slight retexture since the last pack.

Human/Tau'ri Ships.

F-302 - we have completely redone the textures for the F-302, all of them have been replaced. The new textures are lighter
        and just generally more detailed and better than before. We have also added a slightly different version to the 
        F-302's in the mvam mod. The underside ridge down the center is now different to more accurately reflect the ones
        seen in seasons 9 + 10. So far the new versions have only been seen as the F-302's assigned to the capital ships, so
        the new model is only set to replace the F-302's for the mvam mod and not the seperate F-302's, but the textures 
        have been changed on both types of model.

Wraith Ships.

Dart - As with the F-302's the textures have been redone completely, and we have finally got the engine dome textures maped
       properly. We've also added a good engine sfx file which brings the dart to life a lot more.

Other Stargate-Related Stuff.

We have added a nice looking hyperspace window effect to replace the standard warp flash when you enter or exit warp. I 
suggest backing up your original files in case you want to switch back to the warp flash.

There is a new loading screen included too, which will now show the Daedalus's HUD on the viewscreen in front of a more 
Hyperspace-style effect (although it is not an accurate hyperspace effect, but it still looks cool!).

In the top left corner of the Main Menu, the BC logo has now been replaced with a stargate-themed logo

Thanks to USS_Sovereign, we have a special Transport Nukes mod designed specifically for the BC-304's. It will give all 
of the 304's 5 nukes that can be transportd over one an enemies shields are down or severely weakened, and will destroy 
the target (unless you target a specific subsystem, in which case only that subsystem will be destroyed).

I think that's it for all the new stuff. If i've missed anything out you'll either notice it for yourself or never know 
about it, in which case you'll not really care about it.

Requirements = Submenu mod,
               Future Technologies (for the drones),
               (NanoFX is recommended, but is not neccessary).

Install instructions = For the first pack there was some confusion and difficulties when it came to getting the ships to
                       appear in-game, so I will make this as simple and clear as humanly possible.

Step One, make sure you have the foundation installed, or none of it will appear. Even beginners should have found that out
by now.

Step Two, copy and paste the data, scripts, afx and shiptgl files into the root Bridge Commander directory (wherever you 
installed the game to)

Step three, there is no step three. THAT IS ALL YOU NEED TO DO!!!! All of the plugin files are included (even the ones for
the first pack as i had to rename a few to avoid conflicts between all the ships named Warship. Don't worry, everything has
been checked and it works). So once you've copied it over, just start up the game and make sure the mutators are on. You 
wouldn't believe how many people e-mailed me asking for help simply because they hadn't activated the mutators, it's
annoying!!!! It could not be any simpler to do.

Most models done by Dave with the exception of the Wraith Dart which was done by Mikala and re-scaled by Dave and the Death Glider/X301 by ScottPKeene and DaAan (not included in this pack)
Textures and icons are done by DKealt
SFX done by DKealt and Com-Man

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