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stations.Note: Missing Credits for Goauld Death Gliders, this ship was modeled and textured by DaAan. The X-301 was also modeled by DaAan...


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stations.Note: Missing Credits for Goauld Death Gliders, this ship was modeled and textured by DaAan. The X-301 was also modeled by DaAan. Anyone wishing to use these vessels should contact him for permissions in future at 'daaandesigns at'Please note that this pack is NOT compatible with the latest version of the Stargate Pack, if you install this one as well as the third version of the stargate pack this will cause some problems. It is highly recommended that you either install stargate packs 1 + 2 or stargate pack version 3 (not all of themMore Information about the ModificationHere is the Stargate Ship pack, this includes several ships from Stargate SG - 1 and Stargate Atlantis, including Goa'uld, Tau'ri (Earth), Asgard, Replicator, Wraith and Ori ships / stations.Please note that the following Review / Description contains spoilers for Stargate SG - 1 Season 9, and Stargate Atlantis Season 2Tau'riThere are four different types of Earth ship including in the ship pack, the X301, F302 Fighter, X303 (Prometheus), and the BC304. All of these ships are highly detailed and well made with realistic sounds to the series. The X303 and X304 have the ability to Launch F302's giving you the choice of flying the Capital ship or a fighter.X301 - This ship has been completely retextured to match what was seen in the Stargate SG - 1 episode "Tangent", the hardpoint has been improved so that it includes two missiles rather than the original staff cannons.F302 - This ship has been retextured and upgraded, the hardpoints have been changed to be more consistant with the Stargate shows including more ammunition for the cannons and an increase in speed to match the Goa'uld Death Gliders. Highly recommended in dog fights against the Wraith Dart or Death Gliders. Just to note this ship is very vulnerable to NanoFX explosions and will probably not survive a close explosion.X303 - Prometheus - This ship has been completely remodeled and retextured to be more look more like it did in the Stargate SG-1 episode "Ethon", the ship is armed with numerous rail guns and missles (standard and mark 9 nuclear warheads). This ship is more realistic and detailed than that of the previous version, and also has realistic sounds when compared to the Stargate SG-1 show.BC - 304 - This ship has been an improved model and more detailed textures that make the ship look highly detailed and very well made, the ship looks a lot more closer to the version as seen in both SG-1 and Atlantis. There are three different versions included, the Daedalus, Odyssey and the Korolev. Each ship has similar weapons with a few exeptions, such as the Daedalus being able to dual rail guns while the Odyseey and Korlev can only fore single rail guns. The Korolev is a weaker ship due to it being rushed into battle (for more click here - spoiler warning)Goa'uldThe Goa'uld ships and stations include the Death Glider, Needle Threader, Al'Kesh, four different variants of Ha'tak, Anubis Mothership and a Goa'uld Starbase. All of the variant of the Ha'tak with the execption of the replicator version can all launch Death Gliders via MVAM, giving you the choice of flying the Ha'tak or the Death Glider.Death Glider - This is the orginal model created by ScottPKeene, a ship that can be launched from the Ha'tak. This ship is now balanced towards the F-302. It is highly recommended and very fun to use this in a fight against the F302s, although you may not win all of the time as it depends on who gets the first shot.Needle Threader - a ship that was seen in Stargate SG - 1, Season 3 episode "In To The Fire". This ship is similar to that of a Ancient / Alterran puddle jumper (although very different shape), where it was designed to go through the stargate. The Needle Threader is more manuverable than that of a standard death glider and just as powerful. This ship is more than a match for the wraith dart and possibly the F302, although the latter is more difficult to fight against (depending on who gets the first shot).Al'kesh Mid Range Bomber - The model and textures have been vastly improved over the previous version and is more detailed. This ship is armed with 2 staff weapons (which can fire in multiple directions) and 2 downward firing bomb launchers. This ship is relatively fast and relatively weak compared to the other stargate vessels. This ship can easily beat F302's, Death Gliders or Wraith Darts one on one (not always though), although against those fighters in numbers this ship would not stand a chance. The Al'Kesh does not stand a chance against any of the capital ships, and mayl do some damage to the either the ha'tak or bc 303.Ha'tak (all versions) - The ha'tak has be retextured and has new hardpoints for all of the variants included. The Replicator version of this ship has been made more powerful than before as it was too easy to take damage. There are four versions included in this mod, the Standard Goa'uld Ha'tak, a refit Ha'tak, Anubis' Ha'tak (The one that destroyed an Asgard Beliskner in "Revelations" (Season 5) and a Replicator controlled Ha'tak as seen in "The Reckoning Parts I and II" (Season 8 - SG - 1). All three of the ships are identical other than their weapons and shields.The first type of ha'tak is the standard early Goa'uld version, this one is weaker than that of the X303 and BC 303. This ship can also destroy several small Star Trek vessels but against more manuverable ships such as a bird of prey or defiant it might not be able to hit it a long range. The second type of Ha'tak is a refit version that might have been used within the later seasons of SG-1 under the ranks of the Free Jaffa, this ship would be more powerful than the first but in a one on one fight with the earth ships it may very well struggle. The third type of Ha'tak, Anubis Ha'tak is more powerful than the first and can take on the X303 or BC 303 although will take damage from it and can possibly take on multiple "heavy" star trek ships (i.e, Galaxies, Sovereigns, etc). The forth type of Ha'tak is the Replicator Controlled Ha'tak, this ship is a lot more powerful and can easily destroy most ships fairly quickly. This ship can possibly take on 4 - 7 standard Ha'taks or more and win. This ship would also easily destroy most Star Trek ships with the exception of a Borg Cube which will more than likely destroy the Ha'tak.Anubis Flagship - This ship has been made even more powerful and should easily be able to take on an even larger fleet of Ha'taks, as seen in the Stargate SG - 1, Season 6 Episode "Full Circle". This was where a fleet of eight Ha'tak attacked Anubis' Flagship causing no damage and loosing most of the attack fleet. In its standard form this ship can take on a couple of Ha'tak or perhaps the Daedalus Class Battlecruiser (BC304) or even an Asgard vessel. In its attack mode this ship becomes a lot more powerful and is capable of taking out fleets of Ha'taks fairly easily. Goa'uld Starbase - Here is the starbase of the Goa'uld as seen in Stargate SG -1 Season 5 episodes "Summit" and "Last Stand", this base is very powerful, this ship can easily take on a medium - large fleet of Ha'taks and even a couple of Asgard ships. This base is highly detailed and well made, however just as a note on slower computers when taking damage this may cause some slow downs to occur in game.AsgardHere is the Asgard ships including two ships, the Daniel Jackson (Science Vessel) and the O'Neill. Both of these ships now include a cloaking device as this has been mentioned in the Stargate SG-1 show.Daniel Jackson (Science Vessel) - This ship has been improved in several places by having newer more detailed textures in a couple of areas and the model has also been improved upon. This ship was first seen in the SG-1 episode "New Order". However since this ship is only a science vessel, it won't be as powerful as the main warships within the Asgard Fleet. Saying that this ship is still more than a match for the Goa'uld Ha'tak vessels, although may loose against Anubis's Ha'tak or anything Higher.O'Neill Class Warship - This ship was seen in several Stargate SG - 1 episodes and named after Colonel / Brigadier General / Major General Jack O'Neill (depending on which season of SG - 1 you watch). This ship is armed with numerous pulse weapons and several ion cannons which can do heavy damage to almost all ships.This is a very powerful ship that can easily destroy ha'taks, daedalus classes (X304 / BC 304) and many other ships. This ship can also easily take out most star trek vessels, although may struggle against a borg cube or the heavy ships such as a dominion battleship or the excalibur (although this is a tough one to call as both ships won and lost). The O'Neill may struggle against the Replicator Ha'tak as this is slightly too powerful for it.This ship now inlcudes two versions, both have more detailed textures and more weapons coverage to ensure that all areas are covered when going into a fight. There is the standard warship and the earlier prototype which is less powerful.Alteran / AncientPuddle Jumper - This ship is the ship as seen in Stargate Atlantis and three episodes of SG - 1 in Season 8. This ship is highly manuverable (in fact very similar to the show) and can easily avoid shots from the Ha'taks weapons at longer ranges but will get hit close up. The puddle jumper is only armed with 36 Drones which are all very powerful (even more so if you have Future Technologies), these weapons can easily destroy many ships including Ha'taks, TNG Cruiser Level ships from TNG.The Puddle Jumper is more than a match for the wraith dart or even six. Although this may seem an uber ship, it is far from it as its hull is very weak in comparison to its weapons as any ship armed with phasers or a few unlucky hits from pulse phasers, distruptors or staff weapons can easily damage its hull. This ship also includes a MVAM mode where the weapons and engines pods are either inside or outside the ship. The weapons can only be fired when they are outside of the Puddle Jumper itself. This ship has also been rescaled and made more accurate to the show. WraithWraith Dart - This ship has been made more accruate and has been re-scaled to match the other stargate vessels within the game. Unfortunately the weapons are slighly misaligned but this ship is still highly detailed and well made. This ship is fast and is capable of taking on either the F-302 or the Puddle Jumper but this does not mean that it will win. If the Dart gets the first shot then it may have a chance against a F - 302.OriThere are two Ori stations included within this modification, the Ori Satelite and the Supergate.Ori Satelite - This is basically a weapons platform that has one weapon which is very powerful and can literally destroy stargate ships very quickly within 1 - 3 shots at most (more for the more advanced ships). This weapon isn't completely accurate to the SG - 1 episode "Ethon", as this has a quicker recharge that that episode although it is still slow. To even have a chance against this weapon use at least 4 - 5 ships when attacking. Unfortunately when the AI is in control of the weapon it may not fire correctly causing less damage to your ship than if the player was in control of it.Ori Supergate - There are two versions of this one active and one in-active. These do not do much, although it does have MVAM capability to activate the gate. This is mainly for good screenshots at the moment.All of these ships can be used to re-inact scenes against within Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis. This modification pack is highly recommended to any Stargate Fan as it will add a new part to bridge commander.

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