Stargate Ship Pack v3.0

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The Third Stargate Pack.




The Third Stargate Pack.



By Dave975 and DKealt

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For tech support please consult the forums first with technical issues (and if you still have problems with something then 
e-mail me). There is a dedicated tech support area for this pack at the BCC Forums that can be found at this address;-




Description = So, after the first 2 packs were done we decided to update a few of the ships that we felt were in need of
some major work, as well as making some of the other ships that have appeared since or that were still missing.
This is by far the best pack we've done so far and it contains several new ships and some much-needed updates to the older
ships from the first 2 packs, along with a few other stargate-related additions. I think you will agree that this pack
is a vast improvement over the first 2. Atlantis was not included however due to the fact that BC was unable to handle a
model as large and high-rez as Atlantis. The Wraith ships are also not included (except for the Dart) as they will be done
at a later date when I have enough free time to do a good job of them!

Another exciting addition for this pack is the hyperspace mod. Unlike the last pack which just had a hyperspace window
effect to replace the warp flash, this pack has a fully functioning hyperspace tunnel effect, as well as the hyperspace 
window flash, although this pack DOESN'T replace the standard warp flash. The hyperdrive mod is completely seperate and is 
only used by the ships in this pack. The warp engines have been completely removed so you only have a proper hyperdrive.

Before I do a list of the ships and stuff included, I should mention the 303's and 304's need to use Mvam to launch F-302's
first, but once Mvam has been used there is a Shuttle Launch script on all post-mvam ships that will allow you to recover
the fighters. I only added it so it can be used after Mvam because that way you can't launch and recover fighters through a
closed hanger door (Mvam will switch to a model with open hangers...it just looks better that way!).

So, here's a list of all the ships and stations included, and what changes have been made since the last pack;

Ancient/Alteran Ships/Stations.

warship - We've done a whole new model for this beast, making it far more accurate to the show. We've also redone the
          textures, given it a new icon and added the energy weapons seen in the Atlantis episode "Progeny". All-in-all it's
          now a lot more accurate. We've also kept the damaged version although it doesn't have the energy weapons as they
          were never repaired in the show. Also the damaged version requires you to use Mvam in order to transfer shield
          power to the weapons in order to fire - you can't fire unless you drop shields by Mvam.

Puddle-Jumper - We've not really done much with this other than making a few little detail changes to the textures. Other
                than that it's about the same as before. We've also added a Shuttle Launch script to allow the Jumpers to
                drop a nuke, just like they did in "The Siege Pt2".

Defence Satellite - We've now included the La-Grangia point Defence Satellite as seen in "The Siege, Pt1". There is a fully
                    operational version (like the Ancients would have had) and a damaged version (like the one from the ep).
                    The damaged version will only fire 1 shot before it becomes useless and has no shields.

Cruiser - The smaller Ancient ship featured in "Progeny" has been added. Although they were only seen briefly I thought it
          was worth putting it in. The model isn't completely accurate but I think it's close enough. It fires less drones
          and has weaker pulses and shields than the Warship, but slightly better manoeuverability.

Asgard Ships.

Other than slightly improving the firing arcs of the weapons to give better coverage we've not really made many adjustments 
to any of the Asgard Ships. So the list of Asgard ships is as follows;

Mothership (Beliskner).

Mothership Refit.

Science Vessel (Daniel Jackson) - An Anti-Replicator weapon has been added and can be found under the Engineer's menu. It 
                                  will disable any of the Replicator-controlled vessels and destroy any ships made entirely
                                  of Replicator blocks. It will affect any Replicator ships in 20KM except for the Asuran
                                  Satellite as that was automated, so no Replicators were onboard.

Prototype Warship (O'Neill).

Standard Warship.

Ori Ships/Stations.

Warship - Just like with the Ancient Warship, we've completely redone the model and textures and realigned the hardpoints.
          We've also fixed the error that meant the AI rarely (if ever) used the main weapon. A Shuttle Launch script has 
          now been added to launch up to 30 fighters. And we've also replaced the solid sphere with a NanoFX blinker (which 
          DKealt has modified the textures for) to make the big energy orb look better. I've also rebalanced it to match
          the refited 304.

Fighter - The Ori Fighter has now been made and features a NanoFX blinker like the warship rather than a solid sphere.
          However the fighters launched from the Warship will have a solid sphere as the Shuttle Launch script kept putting
          the blinker in front of the fighters as they launched, so a solid sphere had to be used for them.

Supergate - The supergate has been rescaled as the last version was much bigger in comparison to the Warship than it should
            have been. The crashing issue that occured when it takes heavy damage has been fixed too.

Satellite Weapon - We've slightly improved the glowing parts of the textures on the Satellite but other than that it's about
                   the same as before.

Wraith Ships.

Dart - The Dart is pretty much the same as before. There wasn't really anything that needed changing on it for this pack.

Replicator/Asuran Ships.

Command Cruiser - This is the big ship that was first seen in "New Order". It may cause a few lag problems on slower PC's.
                  It features a really cool weapon which i'll go into detail about in the 'Extras' section further down.

Spider Ship - Another brand new addition made for this pack. Like the Command Cruiser this also features the new weapon. 
              It's in the flight configuration seen in "Reckoning Pt2" rather than the folded up version seen in "New Order"
              just as it takes off.

Stolen Vessel - This is the ship that was seen beating the hell out of Apophis's Flagship in "Enemies". It has a modified
                version of the point defence script that will allow it to shoot down incoming pulses and missiles. 

Asuran Satellite - Here we have the Satellite that was used to attack Atlantis in "First Strike". In its powered down mode
                   it has a weak shield and no weapons. In the active mode (which can be activated through Mvam) it has a 
                   shield that can stand up to just about anything...even drones (thanks to Lost_Jedi who added extra code
                   to the drone's weapon script). It also has a very powerful beam that can destroy pretty much anything
                   and lasts for as long as BC will allow before it has to recharge.

Modified Beliskner - Basically the same as the last pack, but with slightly improved weapons arcs.

Modified Ha'tak - This is just the same as the last pack.

Goa'uld Ships.

Al'kesh - We've neatened up the back of the model and adjusted the firing rate of the pulses to make it a little more 
          accurate. Engine Sfx have also been added now.

Al'kesh Transport - AKA the 'Space-Train' from the episode "Bounty". This has an Mvam mode that allows the Al'kesh to 
                    detach from the cargo pods and fly around on its own.

Death Glider - No changes for this one since the last pack.

Needle Threader - We've simplified the textures as they didn't have as much detail in the ep as we put on the previous
                  version, so now it looks a little more accurate.

Anubis's Flagship - We've redone the textures to make them a bit better and neatened up the model a little bit. We've also 
                    added a shuttle launching script to allow it to launch gliders, added a few more details to the
                    Superweapon's model and realigned the hardpoint a little.

Apophis's Flagship - We've adjusted the weapons placement and firing arcs a bit and added and Mvam mode to allow it to fold
                     in the outer arms just like in "The Serpent's Venom". We've also added a Shuttle Launch script to allow
                     it to launch Death Gliders.

Personal Cruiser - This is another new addition, Osiris's Personal Cruiser from the episode "The Curse". It has no weapons
                   and only has weak shields, so it's only really included for 'eye-candy' and target practice.

Pyramid Ship - The first ship to be seen in Stargate, and we've finally got around to making it (better late than never!).
               It has an Mvam ability to allow it to launch gliders. It's only available in the closed-up configuration it
               was seen in while in space since the opened-out version was only seen while it was on a planet's surface.

Starbase - There aren't really any changes to comment on for this one that I can think of.

Ha'tak's - Since the last pack we've made a few changes and added a new variant. The textures and model of the Early Ha'tak
           have been completely redone in order to make it more accurate to the show. We've also made a vesion of the 
           Early Ha'tak with a cloak like the ones seen in "The Serpent's Venom". We've added a Shuttle Launch script to 
           allow the recovery of the Death Gliders, and you can also use it to launch a couple of Gliders and Tel'Tak Cargo
           Ships. The engine Sfx file has now been fixed since it was named slightly wrong last time. And we've also changed
           the AI so it won't just show the ventral side all the time, so it'll now be a more difficult opponent.

Tel'Tak Cargo Ship - There are five new ships for this pack under this category. Each different variant of the Cargo Ship
                     adds a different challenge to the game. First, the standard version has only the weak sheilds and no
                     weapons (so it's for completeness and target practice!). The upgrade version has the cloak so you can
                     try drawing fire away from allies then cloak for safety. The modified version is the one from "Lost
                     City". It has slightly stronger shields, faster engines (even the hyperdrive is faster) and a beam that
                     comes from the ring transporter on the bottom that lasts for a while (it's not very powerful as it was 
                     made for melting ice!). The refit version has the EM Pulse wave seen in "The Ties That Bind" which will
                     disable any ship within 20km (even friendlys, so be careful when using it!). And finally the variant 
                     version from the episode "Bounty" that has a couple of staff canons on the front and is actually a bit
                     of use in a fire-fight! 

Human/Tau'ri Ships.

X-301 - Nothing new has been done on this.

F-302 - Not much has been changed here. I've removed one of the canons as there should only be 1, not 2 and i've increased
        the amount of ammo in the remaining one to compensate.

X-303 - No major changes, just a few little bits of neatening up on the model and realigned the hardpoint a little. I've 
        also limited the amount of missiles to 50 rather than 100 since the 304's seem to have far less missiles than I 
        thought, so I figured the 303 would have less too. I've also made new Sfx for the other weapons that are far more

X-303 Refit - Again, just some neatening up of the model, hardpoint realignment and i've reduced the number of missiles to
              60 (so it has a few more than the pre-refit version). I've also removed the Mark 9 warheads as they were never
              seen being fired as missiles, but i've added the ability to use the 'Transport Nukes' mod as in "Beachhead" it
              was seen beaming a nuke down to a planet.

X-303 Upgrade - We've also added a new variant of the 303 for this pack, the Upgrade version. This has the pre-refit model
                and launches F-302's from the hanger on the top (not on the wings), but has rail guns and can also use the 
                'Transport Nukes' mod as the weapons were upgraded and beaming technology added before the model was 
                completely redone for "Ethon". Other than the model and the hanger positions it's the same as the Refit 
                version, it's just there for accuracy really.

DSC-304 - There are the 3 version from the last pack and 3 new versions of the 304's included. I've made the shield colour 
          more accurate on all versions, we've slowed the speed that the rail gun bullets move at to make it look a little
	  more like a constant stream like in the show. We've also halved the number of missiles from 200 to 100. The 
          ventral missile tubes featured in "Family Ties" have been added to all variants. The Apollo variant can launch the 
	  'Horizon' weapons platform through the Shuttle Launch script. The Odyssey Upgrade has faster engines and more
	  powerful shields due to it having a zpm and it also has a cloak too. The Odyssey Refit has all the improvements of
          the Upgrade version but also has all the Asgard beams added too (it still has the rail guns and missiles as the
          new weapons were added on top of the original ones, not in place of them). This version is more than a match for
          an Ori Warship, but against 2 you'll find you lose more often than you win. Once you've Mvam-ed to launch the 
          F-302's, the Daedalus and Apollo will be able to launch a Puddle-Jumper through the Shuttle Launch script.

Midway Station - Although this doesn't really have a function other than to sit and look good, I decided it would be nice to
                 make a model of the Midway Station from "The Return Pts 1 and 2". It's unarmed, unshielded, and unfinished!
                 It's easy to destroy (but be careful, if your in close the stargates exploding can cause a bit of damage!).

Horizon Weapons Platform - This is launched from the Apollo. It carries 6 Mark 9 warheads and 4 decoy missiles as seen in
 			   "First Strike". The decoys are just normal missiles but the damage is set to 0 so they don't do
                           anything, they're just there for accuracy.

Other Ships And Stuff.

"Grace Ship" - This is the big ship that attacked the X-303 in the episode "Grace". You can use Mvam to retract the wings
               and this means you don't have weapons...it's more of a flight mode at this point.

Martin Lloyd's Ship - The ship seen in the episode "Wormhole X-treme". It's balanced somewhere between an Al'kesh and a
                      Ha'tak. It also has an Mvam mode similar to the "Grace" ship that powers it down. This limits the 
		      weapons capability, shield strength, speed and manoeuverability.

Pegasus Stargate - This has an Mvam mode to activate the gate, and the active version can launch either 1 Puddle-Jumper or
 		   3 Wraith Darts.

Milky Way Stargate - Just like the Pegasus gate, only it launches a Needle Threader instead.

Hebridian Drone - Seen in the episode "Space Race", these are small, agile drone weapons that can disable ships quickly when
                  used in large numbers. They are easy to destroy (if you can hit them, that is).

Toban Mine - Taken from the episode "The Serpent's Venom", these mines use a ramming AI to fly straight at enemy targets and
             impact on the ship. They have a very weak hull and virtually no mass, so the collision won't damage the target,
             but it will destroy the mine. As it blows it gives off a powerful blast, although you'll need NanoFX for that
             to work.

Nukes - Seen in use in "The Siege Pt2", these act as space mines and detonate whenever an enemy target gets too close. One 
	of these can be launched through the Shutle Launching script from the Puddle-Jumpers. You'll need KM for the 
	proximity detonation AI to work.


Wowsher has made an EM Pulse mod as mentioned for the Tel'Tak Refit, as well as a similar mod for the Asgard Science Vessel
that will only work on Replicator ships to recreate the Anti-Replicator wave seen on the Daniel Jackson in "Reckoning".

Uss Sovereign's hyperdrive that was mentioned earlier is also included.

Lost_Jedi has added a few cool updates for us. As well as making the Asuran Satellite immune to the Ancient drone's ability
to penetrate shields he's also made the smoke trails for the missiles on all Earth Ships, and made another smoke trail mod
for the engines on the 'Horizon' weapons platform to keep it as accurate as possible to the show.

Lost_Jedi has also made a cool Replicator weapon for the Command Cruiser and Spider ships. The weapon will penetrate shields
just like the drones, but will also cause the target to keep switching sides (as if the Replicators are trying to take over
the ship) just like in "New Order". Eventually the AI will switch sides permanently, at which point you will need to order
it to attack someone, otherwise it'll just sit there and get shot at by your enemies.

The Stargate-style shield effect texture is also included again.

The loading screen for the viewscreen is included too, which will show the Daedalus's HUD on the viewscreen in front of a 
Hyperspace-style effect (it's not an accurate hyperspace effect, but it still looks cool!).

In the top left corner of the Main Menu, the BC logo has now been replaced with a stargate-themed logo again.

The special Transport Nukes mod made by USS_Sovereign that was designed specifically for the DSC-304's has now been fixed.
Everything is named correctly so it should work for all 304's (including the new ones) and the X-303 Refit and Upgrade.

TGL files have now been added for all ships.

New Stargate music files have also been added (thanks to Darth_Harry for providing them), although you'll need to rename
them to get them to work as they need to overwrite existing music files (I didn't overwrite anything myself as I thought it
was best if people renamed them themselves as that way you can overwrite music you don't want and not lose music you want to

There's also a new loading screen for when you load up QuickBattle and Single Player modes. It's nothing overly-special but
it adds more of a stargate feel to the pack.

And finally, for this pack there's a new intro movie made using scenes from "Camelot". If you have KM1.0 it will overwrite 1
of the 2 intro movies from that.

I think that's it for all the new stuff. If i've missed anything out you'll either notice it for yourself or never know 
about it, in which case you'll not really care about it.


Most of the work was done by me (Dave975) and DKealt.
The Wraith Dart model was done by Mikala and the Death Glider was made by DaAan.
The original model and textures of the Stargates was made by WadeV1589, although improvements were done by me.
Thanks to Lost_Jedi and Wowsher for their various pieces of scripting work, and USS_Sovereign for his transport nukes mod
and the hyperdrive mod.
Original point defence script was made by Defiant and modified by me with his permission.
And thanks to everyone else who helped in some way on this project, specifically all the Beta Testers.


A clean BC install,
BC 1.1 patch,
NanoFX (otherwise the Toban Mines will have no damaging effect and you'll get yellow boxes aroung the 304's).
Shuttle Launching Framework,
Mvam Infinite,
BCS:The beginning may be needed for the transport nukes to work properly, i'm not sure (although i think they wrk without).

Alternatively I think everything you need is included in the Kobyashi Maru mod (except the foundation). KM is also needed
for the modified point defence script to work properly so I would advise having that installed.

Install instructions.

In the last two packs people seemed to have difficulty installing this, although I can't see why! Here's some simple and
extremely easy to follow instructions.

Step One, make sure you have the foundation installed, or none of it will appear. Even beginners should have found that out
by now. The foundation is installed by installing and then running either BC:MP or BC:MI (both of which are available on
BCFiles). If you still have trouble sorting out the Foundation, chech the FileFront forums. There are plenty of guides to
help you get mods installed...don't e-mail me about it!

Step Two, copy and paste the data, scripts and sfx and files into the root Bridge Commander directory (wherever you 
installed the game to)

Step three, there is no step three. THAT IS ALL YOU NEED TO DO!!!! All of the plugin files are included (even the ones for
the old packs as I had to rename a few to avoid conflicts. Don't worry, everything has been checked and it works). So once
you've copied it over, just start up the game and make sure the mutators are on (Mutators are found under the 'Configure' 
menu if you have the Foundation installed). You wouldn't believe how many people e-mailed me asking for help simply because
they hadn't activated the mutators, it's annoying!!!! It could not be any simpler to do.

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