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This is the next progression of the Startrek Trader game. As with last time, it is still an alpha version, so expect bugs. You can help the...


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This is the next progression of the Startrek Trader game. As with last time, it is still an alpha version, so expect bugs. You can help the development of this game by giving detailed reports on bugs you find.

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Download 'stt.097a.rar' (93.22MB)

Star Trek: Trader
Alpha 0.097

System Requirements:

Direct X 9.0c
Internet Explorer 5.5+
Windows: 95/98/2000/XP/ XP x64
Min CPU: 1.5Ghz
Sound card
Ram: 256 Mb
Hard Disk Space: 250Mb


Unzip the setup.exe program, scan it with a virus checker and run it.

Install to whatever location you want, the standard is “c:\program files\Star Trek Trader\”


Space game mode (new game)

Please make sure CAPSLOCK is off.

Q – Down a warp factor
W – Up a warp factor
1 – full stop
2 Min Impulse speed
0 Max Impulse speed

Left, Right, Up and Down keys control direction
, and . keys rotate ship

FPS Mode

Arrow keys control turn left, right, walk forward and walk backwards.

STT website:

You must be connected to the Internet, to exit hold down ALT and press F4


X, Y, Z Pos lists the 3D space coordinates

X, Y ang: ship heading – will be used later for manual navigation.

Spd MPH: is the speed setting at impulse.
Spd x C: times the speed of light.

Spd SET: 1 – 10 impulse speed, 11 – 20 warp speed setting, this will be updated later on to display warp factors.


The interface buttons are currently non-functional, they will vanish if clicked on.

Technical Comments

Known Issues:

Player ship Model shakes when moving.
Physics engine disabled in Space Mode.
Camera does not follow X or Z Axis
When player is reset to 0,0,0 after passing 10,000,000 planets are not hidden.

camera zoom in and out is too fast.
Warp pause halts whole game for 2 seconds.
Starempire starship set to TNG warp scale and sound effects
inaccurate atmosphere textures and ring textures
scrolling credits overlay on repeat cycle

What's new?

New setup program.
FPS and Space engine mode.
Example interface.
Planet models.
Atmosphere layer on planets.
Planetary rings.
Sun model no longer receives light
force feedback error solved.
If ship goes past 10,000,000 units player is automatically set to 0,0,0 and the galactic coordinates system is updated. This will eventually mean that a massive universe will be constructible while saving memory.
Object scales updated but still under review.
FPS mode basic physics engine constructed.
Scrolling credits added.
STT website added.
System Tests added for error checking.

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