STBC Remaster Essentials Modpack - With Full Widescreen Support and Crash Fixes (With NanoFX2)

Known Bugs And Solutions:1) There is an error in the code which I haven't had time to fix yet, which causes the game to crash around step 20...


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Known Bugs And Solutions:

1) There is an error in the code which I haven't had time to fix yet, which causes the game to crash around step 20 of installation. Basically, the code ripped from Kobayashi Maru was never intended to work with 1080p cutscenes. If you use the upscaled cutscenes from VonFrank, the game will crash at startup. If you use the original retail cutscenes there should be no problems. This is the same section of code that causes the Main Menu animations to be too small on larger resolutions. It's on my To-Do list to cobble some code together to fix this and allow you to use the 1080p cutscenes, and for the animations to scale properly for resolutions greater than 1366x768. I haven't had time yet, so I'm sorry for this being delayed.

2) Extensive troubleshooting on the Discord server has led several of us to conclude that dgvoodoo2 simply will not work on some hardware. If that is the case you will get "D3D Render Creation Error".

3) Jaggie Fix may cause crashes on certain hardware. It can be disabled in the Main Menu.

4) NanoFX2 may not work on some hardware, if that happens use the version without NanoFX2.

5) Widescreen resolutions will not work in Windowed mode, this will cause a crash. You must be in Fullscreen mode before switching to a widescreen resolution. You can correct mistakes with resolution switching (or any other mutator activation) by editing options.cfg with Notepad++.

The STBC Remaster and Enhancement project staff are still actively working on a much superior way to run Bridge Commander in widescreen and with fixes for the memory crash that don't require dgvoodoo2. If you cannot get this modpack to work no matter what, remember to check for their release in the future. You can always join the Discord server to keep up with their work.


The Kobayashi Maru team made several revolutionary fixes for Bridge Commander over a decade ago, but never released them as their own independent plugins. These fixes, made exclusively for the Kobayashi Maru Modpack, include high-definition resolution widescreen support, main menu fixes, cursor fixes, anti-aliasing for custom bridges, and crash fixes for NanoFX2. Now, for the first time ever, those scripts have been successfully identified and extracted to work outside the KM environment as their own separate package.

This pack includes detailed instructions on how to make everything necessary for a truly remastered experience work in flawless harmony. With this idiot-proof guide, you don’t have to be a genius to enjoy Bridge Commander to its fullest potential.

This pack comes in two versions: One with NanoFX2, and one without NanoFX2. is scripted exclusively to one version and will not work with the other, and the installation instructions are also different.

Note: One person has reported so far that they couldn't get the NanoFX2 version to work, but the version without NanoFX2 worked perfectly.

Usage With VonFrank’s Remastered Mod:

This pack was originally intended to supplement VonFrank’s Remastered Mod, addressing the issues it left unfinished. It is recommended that you grab his mod together with this pack, as his mod contains all of the best ship models made to-date, and has been custom-balanced for the single-player campaign. Many of these fixes will hopefully be integrated directly into that mod in a future release. 

VonFrank’s Remastered Mod is available here: 

The patch for it is here: 

Usage With Other Mods:

VonFrank’s Remastered Mod incorporates the basic version of Foundation for enabling various modifications to the base game. If you would like to use this pack with a different mod that doesn’t include Foundation, you will need to install Foundation first. It comes with the Bridge Commander Universal Tool, and has an option to install basic or full Foundation. For single player mods, it is recommended to use basic to reduce the number of things that might cause crashes.

What’s In This Pack:

  • Star Trek Bridge Commander Patch 1.1 – Just a necessary patch released by the developer.

  • 4GB patch – Enables this old 32-bit game to utilize 4 gigabytes of RAM instead of 2, eliminating most incidents of random crashing with larger texture files.

  • dgVoodoo2 – A DirectX wrapper which allows an old game like Bridge Commander to utilize modern graphics card abilities. In this case, it is used to increase VRAM from a paltry 128MB maximum to 1GB. Also forces Bridge Commander to use your more powerful graphics card if you have multiple.

  • Bridge Commander Universal Tool – For installing mods painlessly. Includes Foundation (necessary for mods that don’t already contain it) and the NanoFX2 Atmospheres Fix.

  • Unified Main Menu – For enabling all plugins within the game. Necessary for Jaggie Fix and Additional Resolutions to work.

  • Bridge Plugin Core Gold – Enables full effects for custom bridges. Required for the Sovereign and Dauntless bridges below. Includes high-resolution screen static, new console explosion, hull stress, and impact sounds, and a new high-resolution loading viewscreen.

  • Nemesis Sovereign Bridge – Updates the Sovereign bridge used in campaign with high-resolution textures and full animations. Restores the Red Alert lights missing in VonFrank’s Remastered Mod. This is the same bridge used in Kobayashi Maru, but has additional animated textures on the Master Situation screen behind the captain’s chair.

  • Late TNG Galaxy Bridge – Updates the Dauntless bridge used in campaign with high-resolution textures and full animations. Restores the Red Alert lights missing in VonFrank’s Remastered Mod. This is the same bridge used in Kobayashi Maru, it has blue ceiling lights during Red Alert.

  • 3rd Era Jaggie Fix – Anti-aliases the jittery jagged edges of custom bridges.

  • Additional Resolutions – Enables widescreen support. Included resolutions are 1366, 1440, 1600, 1680, and 1920.

  • Main Menu Font Size Fix – Makes the font scale up according to custom resolution, instead of staying at the itty-bitty size used for 640x480.

  • Main Menu Button Fix – Renames the “Test Mode” button to “Missions” like it was in Kobayashi Maru, to clearly identify where the campaign missions and Quick Battle are located.

  • Cursor Scaling Fix – Changes the way the menu and targeting cursors scale so that they are properly sized for custom resolutions. You must install one of the custom interfaces included with this pack for this fix to work.

  • Main Menu Movies Fix – Enables the animations that play on the Main Menu to work with custom resolutions. It’s the little things that add character to the game and you will realize how much you missed them. This also restores the missing black background to the Pause Menu. Note: The python code currently tells the game to limit main menu movies to the size corresponding to 768 screen height at most. There is room for improvement here to enable larger movies for larger resolutions, but I am not a python programmer.

  • Main Menu BC Logo Fix – I simply scaled the Bridge Commander Logo so that the edges won’t be cut off when using widescreen resolutions.

  • Graphics Driver Fix – a file that is built into stock BC, but may have been modified by the KM team. This forces the game to enable certain graphics options like Enhanced Glows even if it mistakenly thinks your graphics card can’t do it. Included just in case it’s helpful.

  • Sound Quality Options Fix – Unified Main Menu had a script error that Mleo Daalder fixed when he incorporated it into Kobayashi Maru. This restores the ability to choose High Quality Software, Dolby Surround, A3D, or EAX if your system supports them. Even if you can only use Dolby, you will notice a profound improvement over Low Quality Software when combat starts.

  • Defiant’s Crash Fixes – Originally written for Kobayashi Maru, these prevent crashes caused by NanoFX2 explosions among other things.

  • NanoFX2 – Makes warp nacelles leak plasma 1/4 of the time when you damage them below 50%. Makes ship explosions, debris, damage textures, glow effects and bridge damage all much cooler. Adds blinking running lights to ships and atmospheres to planets.

  • Mark’s Interface Colors and Cursors – Changes the Main Menu and Bridge Menu LCARS colors to Deep Space Nine / Voyager colors, and changes the menu and targeting cursors to something more sophisticated. Taken from GUI Mod, which served as the interface for Kobayashi Maru. This will feel like home for most players.

  • Mark’s Blue Cursors – These are cursors originally made for GUI Mod which were also used in Kobayashi Maru, changed to match the blue color scheme of VonFrank’s LCARS interface.

  • VonFrank’s Interface Colors – VonFrank’s Remastered Mod uses blue Main Menu and Bridge Menu LCARS colors based on the Enterprise-E bridge. Included with Mark’s Blue Cursors so you can easily swap between Mark’s and VonFrank’s versions to decide which you like best.

  • Notepad++ (Optional) – For modifying the .py files. Regular Notepad will break the formatting. If you follow the instructions in this pack, you shouldn’t actually have to do this.

  • Remaster Essentials Python Script – Instructions on how to reproduce the script fixes used to make everything work. You do not need to do this to make this modpack work, I only included this for modders who may need to manually add these scripts to files they have already modified. Extension is .py to preserve Python formatting, so open this file with Notepad++ if you intend to copy and paste any scripts from it. These instructions also explain how to add new custom resolutions to the game’s Main Menu in case your desired resolution is not included, as well as how to change the colors of the LCARS interface and add new cursors if desired.

Feedback Is Welcome:

If you would like to discuss improvements to this pack, or need help, join us at the Star Trek Bridge Commander: Remaster and Enhancement Project server on Discord, here: 

What I Take Credit For:

While I did not write the python scripts used to make all this work, this was not a simple drag-and-drop operation. These scripts were buried deep within pages and pages of code scattered across many different files contained in the Kobayashi Maru Modpack. Like an archaeologist analyzing the artifacts of an ancient civilization to reverse-engineer their technology, it took many hours of tedious, methodical work and documentation to identify which lines of code needed to be corrected in different files to resolve crashes and make things work. If you would like to integrate these fixes into your own mod, please credit me for solving these problems, and don’t forget to credit the people who actually wrote the scripts.

Full credits, links to sources, and legalese are included in the Readme.

The installation instructions are very precise and must be followed to the letter. If you deviate from them in any way, do not expect things to work.

The instructions for VonFrank's BC Remastered mod have been incorporated into the steps for this pack, so if you grab his mod just follow the instructions in my guide. 

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