STvsSW Taster pack FULL



This is the whole download which includes the patch files.



ST vs SW Taster Pack for Bridge Commander
by Project90 (www.project90.net)

System Requirements

Due to the nature of the Bridge Commander engine and our plans for this mod, it will often entail having a fair number of ships on the screen at the same time, and unfortunately the engine doesn't handle alot of ships on the screen all too well soemtimes. This will mean that anything but a high end performance system is going to noticably suffer. We reccomend that you turn the resolution and other settings down and/or off to increase performance as best possible. Failing that, upgrade your system so that it includes a Radeon 9800 or GeForce 5900 =P


-Start with a clean install of BC.  
-Patch it to 1.1.
-Install the latest version of Foundation (BCMI.net will do this for you automatically if you install it)
-Extract this zip file to your BC directory, confirming any overwrites.


When you load up BC, the ST vs SW taster mission should appear as a mutator in the Options menu.  Activate it and start a new game to play the mission.

You can also play with all of the ships in QuickBattle.

3.Patch 1.1

This patch fixes all known (fixable) bugs, as well as adding an extra Star Wars ship, the TIE Bomber.

Please report any further bugs you find to [email protected] clearly stating in the subject line that it is a bug report.


Akira, Ambassador, Galaxy and Sovereign models by Rick Knox aka pneumonic81.  Used with permission.
Hardpoints for Akira, Ambassador, Galaxy and Sovereign based on originals by Laurelin.  Used with permission.
Nebulon B Frigate by DamoclesX.  Created for this mod.
Bulk Freighter by Challenger.  Created for P90 mods.
Other SW ships modelled by SimRex for P90 mods.

Team Leads - Angel and SimRex
Mission Coding - SimRex
Mission concept and script - Angel and SimRex
Hardpoints - RoyalGuard, ThunderChiId, SimRex
Testing - Angel, RoyalGuard, ThunderChiId, SimRex

By installing this modification, you agree that neither Project90 nor any member of Project90 can be held liable for any damages or losses the use of this modification may cause.  

Star Trek and related marks are trademarks of Paramount Pictures. Bridge Commander, Activision, and related marks are trademarks of Activision Inc. 

Star Wars, related marks, all ships, logos, images and statistics are trademarks of Lucasarts Entertainment Co. and Lucasfilm Ltd. 

All other non-credited material and images used without permission no infringement on copyright is intended and no profit is made.

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