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This is an Awesome Mod by MLeoDaalder, which allows the creation of submenus in the ships list in Quickbattle, Sub Sub Menus, and now a special sorting for the MVAM ships which is done automatically i believe. Read the readme for full details....but i HIGHLY recommend you get this...I have my entire Federation list sorted by Era->Ship Class... This is fully compatible with version 1 which came with Scotchy's Galaxy pack.

This also comes with example files.



Sub Menu Ship Selection mod V3

By MLeoDaalder

What's new in this version?

MVAM capabilities.
This is, as in the full ship can be selected, but is also a sub menu to the sep ships.
The menu's act similar to the sub system menu's on the target menu.
It puts the sep ships automaticly under the full ship!

Here are some screenies:
Just copy and paste that to the adres bar of your browser.
And if Nightsoft isn't down then you will get a small gallery with screens. :)

This mod does not interfere with NanoFX, MVAM (duh), Core Eject, Plasma or any other!

The Foundation. And that's all.
But the effects of the new functions of this mod shall only be seen when you have MVAM Infinity installed.
And then only when you have the MVAM plugin for the ships which are using this mod.

What are the functions so far?
Sub Menu's in the ship selection screen. (in V1)
Sub Menu's to the Sub Menu's (to any level). (in V2)
MVAM based Sub Menu's. (new in V3)

How to make your MVAM capable ships use this
It already does this automaticly. :)

But, you can help the mod (so save loading time). It's almost the same as SubMenu.
Just SubMenu (or SubSubMenu) is now MvamMenu which value must not be 0.
It is possible to shorten loading time (and CPU power) to fill in the long name of the Full Ship.
You need to do that to the sep ships, not the full ship.

If you don't want a sep ship to use this (for whatever reason), just set MvamMenu to 0.
If you don't want to have any of your Mvam capable ships (full and sep ships) then you must add MvamMenu = 0 
to all those ships (both full and sep ships).

As with my previous mods when this mod is not installed, the modification to the ship plugin are not used.

Dasher42 for his Foundation, of which this is a mild modification.
Sneaker98 for his MVAM Infinity, or this mod wouldn't have a reason to exist. ;)
And for making me make this mod do it's stuff automaticly.

You may include this mod with your own mod. But credits must atleast be given to Dasher42!
If you want to publish a mod which has a modified version of this mod (or a modification of this mod) 
then I would like to know first due to compatibility reasons (I would like to see the modification myself).

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