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This is a Very cool mod that adds sub menus to specified ships in the Quickbattle area. This mod only works on ships that have been made to...


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This is a Very cool mod that adds sub menus to specified ships in the Quickbattle area. This mod only works on ships that have been made to work with this mod, any ship can be reworked but it isnt made to automatically redo all your ships. Examples are included in the pack. I love this mod and you will tooThats an order!

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Sub Menu in Ship List Foundation Upgrade Readme

By MLeoDaalder

First of all I would like to thank (and credit) Dasher42 for his Foundation!

What is this mod/Upgrade?
What does this mod/Upgrade do?
How can I use this mod/Upgrade?
Included in this zip file
How to install this upgrade

What is this mod?
This mod is an upgrade for the Foundation, to be more precise an upgrade to the Ship Selection menu in QB.

What does this mod do?
This mod upgrades the Foundation Ship Selection Menu in QB, it gives you the possibility to add a sub menu to it.
Let's say you have 30 ships of the same class (let's say Galaxy class), all with their own unique ID and HP (could be done with all diffrent models or with my Skinning and Damaging Tool).
Now this might become a bit clutterd in the menu. Before this upgrade the only way to make it less clutterd is to create an all new menu (such as Galaxy Class Ships->Your Ships) for the Ship Selection Menu. Now, with this mod, you can create a sub menu (so Federation Ships->Galaxy Class->Your Ships).

How can I use this mod?
At the moment of writing this Read Me, it is only possible by changing the plugin file for your ships.
You need to add a variable at the top of the file, below "species = " below this you add:
SubMenu = "SubMenu Name"
Where SubMenuName is whatever name you want to have on the menu.

Then find: "'shipFile': shipFile" (not the "" signs). After this you add:
, "SubMenu": SubMenu

After that there is this: " })" (not the "" signs).

Included in this zip file
In this zip there are 3 files.
1. This readme
2. Dasher42's Foundation Readme
3. The Upgrade file (in scripts/Custom/Autoload)
4. An example (you will have to add this seperatly, just dump the contents of "Examples" in your main BC dir)

How to install this upgrade
Simply drop the contents of this zip (apart of the Examples directory) in your main BC directory, all files should be placed correctly, there will be no overwrites if all is right.

When you happen to look at the console when you start the game, then you will see:
"Updating FoundationMenu.ShipMenuBuilderDef"
This will notify you that the Upgrade is active.

Dasher42 for his Foundation!

You may include this mod with your own mod, but credit must be given (at least to Dasher42, since this is just a minor change to his Foundation)

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