Suliban Cell Ship



here is a pretty good Suliban Cell Ship. The model detailing is very good and the HP is canon and fun to fly with.

Only downside is that according to the readme there are compatability issues with nanofx2 (although I did'nt experience any while I was testing it). Also there is no ship icon included with the file, and the textures are a little on the dull side (no speculars, diffuse maps are very simple) although the detail in the model makes up for this mostly.

By far the best cell ship I've seen for BC, its a recommended download for Enterprise Fans.



Filename = Suliban CellShip.

By = Dave975.

E-Mail = [email protected]

Description = This is the Suliban Cell-Ship, as seen in Enterprise. On its own, it is extremely weak, but in a large group, 
they are more than a match for an NX. They are extremely fast and manouverable, and i have kept them as cannon as possible.
Known Bugs = This mod may crash the game if the NanoFX2B mutator is turned on. Switching it off will prevent this.
             No glows or icon as yet.

Install Instructions = Unzip the file, then copy and paste the files into your BC directory.

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