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Combination Galaxy-x, Nebula weapons pod, and miranda roll bar, this ship is as mean as it is ugly. WOuldn't be bad if all the phasers didn...


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Combination Galaxy-x, Nebula weapons pod, and miranda roll bar, this ship is as mean as it is ugly. WOuldn't be bad if all the phasers didn't do 10,000 damage.

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Thank you for downloading the federation war ship

---General info
The federation war ship is simply as the name says a war ship developed to combat the borg attacks
in 7373 the federation war ship roots can be found as far back as her great old grand ma the basic
Galaxy Class and the battle of wolf 359 after the borg assalt in wolf 359 starfleet felt a new ship
was needed star fleet started a virty of delopment projects rangeing from the defiant, akira and
steam runner also the lesser known project semply dubbed War ship that was ment to be a massive galaxy
class upgread but when the enterprise beat the cube star fleet orderd the project shelfed so the yards
was orderd and the project blue prints was filed away but then the jem' hadar started to become thret
so the project started agin but the jem'hadar thret was stoped when a trety was signed and the frame
of the first war ship was put into storge  and the project stoped agin but then the new borg tret started
in star trek armada so the frame was pulled out and started to be built agin but the borg thret ended agin
and then the 2nd borg thret showed it self in star trek armada two and the war ship enterd proto type
building agin but when the thret was clinched the nearly finished prototype was put into storge and
fininly the big war shifted into high gear in 7373 and the war ship was pulled out and started a total
over haul new phasers, torpedo systems and puls phasers was fited and the new class of war ships begin

---Installing instructions
Uh lets seen now oh just extract it into the root directory of the Bridge commander you want her in
it's just that easy

---Federation war ship weapons
Type WS173 Mega phaser

A prototype exparamental anti-Borg cube weapon Powered by pure anti-matter sent throw a matter
anti-matter accelerator then propled out the war ships main gun

Type WS97 Puls phasers

A highly advanced puls phaser weapon system that has a small built in power core that stores all
energy used in the puls phaser weapons the core store 37,000 volts of power each puls phaser shot
uses 3,000 volts of power that mean by the time the first shot is sent off the charg is alredy

Type Borg holding beam

The SovereignII and a small strike force forced a borg probe to crash in federation teratory the
yards that was working on the Super galaxy class was given the job to develop a federation knok off
of the borg holding beam the Federation war ship has 2 fore and 2 aft of this device

Type XV-951 Regenaration

A prototype device created by the holo doc from voyager based on his borg nano bots technology but with out
the central nanobot recharge center the borg nanites simply die the actul cores enrgy sorce is so diffrent
to federation power it's easly detectable by any sensor device

Type CV-175 Shild generator

A rather odd aproch to shilds insted of simply making a fild of energy around the ship the shild generator has
a sub built in power generator that stores a larg surplus of enrgy this meaning while you shoting the war ships
shilds that surplus is auto-maticly being sent to any slightly weakend shilds making the war ship's shild the
hardest known to punch throw

Type hu-798 hull

A laboratory devloped hull made up of stell, iron and a virty of other elements chimicly combined with the strongest
parts of these base metals then hull is bolted then welded to the war ships space frame by via work bees the hull of
the war ship is both hard and extreamly hard to damage

----Creaters cridts
Model textures and other crap
All done by the SovereignII

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