Super Nova II [varient]

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USS Supernova Supernova class

Based on the premise of the Nova class, this ship is a true enhancement of that class science/scout ship. The original Nova class was limited some what by its small size, but the supernova was designed to combine the science capabilities of the Nova with the exploration capabilities of the larger Galaxy and Sovereign classes.

Substantially larger than the nova, the supernova boasts greater firepower and defensive shielding. it also is faster at warp 9.985

Still despite these enhancements, it is purely a science explorer class vessel. Combining the styles of the Nova, Prometheus and the Excelsior class. Equipped with the most advanced sensors available.

The ship is due to explore the outer borders of federation space. What they will discover will be unimaginable and become a monument to its predecessor.



This is the USS Supernova NCC-92002 


Mesh and textures: 
Redragon(See original readme)

Hardpoint, shuttle launch framework and final edit: 

All other aspects of getting it from public domain meshes to here: 

Special thanks to the guys at BCC for their helpful advice along the way.


STBC_patch.exe ( http://bridgecommander.filefront.com/file/Bridge_Commander_Patch;2374 
Foundation which is in "BCMI", or "BCMP".
Type11 Shuttle from the "DY Excalibur CarrierPack"
Delta Flyer (http://bridgecommander.filefront.com/file/FTB_Deltaflyer;38969)

KM 1.0 Full which has all these included.

Installation instructions:

Drag and drop the data and scripts folders to your BC root directory.
Commonly located here: (C:Program FilesActivisionBridge Commander)

Recommended mods:

Note: No Romulans were harmed in the making of this mod.

For any questions, I can be reached at Filefront Forums, BCC, BCU, BC Scriptors or SBP07.

Enjoy, MScott. {[email protected]}

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