SuQ'Jagh Armored Assault Cruiser

Here is the Klingon SuQ'Jagh Armored Assault Cruiser, this ship was orginally from Star Trek Armada 1 as shown by the level of details on t...


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Here is the Klingon SuQ'Jagh Armored Assault Cruiser, this ship was orginally from Star Trek Armada 1 as shown by the level of details on the ship. This ship is used for carrying troops into battle and would have breaching pods ready to launch against enemy targets in an attempt to use marines to board the ship, unfortunately this ship does not have any breaching pods avaliable. The SuQ'Jagh has 4 Beam disruptors, 2 disruptors and 2 torpedo tubes that are capable of firing 5 forward and 4 aft.

This ship is more than a match for most light cruisers such as the centaur, intrepid or miranda. However this ship may struggle against anything higher than the heavy cruiser range of TNG vessels such as the Nebula, Keldon or Similar. Unfortunately due to its lower polygons it doesn't look anywhere near as detailed as main other ships, although thats not to say that this one does have relatively balanced weaponry.

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SuQ'Jagh Armored Assault Cruiser 


By Sandtrooper

Version 1.0


Model/Texture: Armada 1 & 2 Makers
Original MOD Conversion: DarkDrone



The SuQ'Jagh Armored Assault Cruiser integrates lessons learned during the Klingons invasion of Cardassian during the early stages of the Dominion War. 
Before the Klingons were forcibly evicted from Cardassian space it became apparent that the existing troop transports and assault craft suffered too high an attrition rate. 
The Klingons set out to design an assault cruiser that would be both survivable while being able to deliver an above average number of marine contingents - not only for planetary assault missions, but also as boarding parties to ravage crippled enemy ships in combat. 
The end result is of mixed quality. The ship is heavily armored and shielded for survivability and able to hold several breaching pods, but there was simply no room to place a cloaking device on the vessel without ripping out the already spartan troop quarters. 

Credits goto Tyrel Lohr & Jon Letham,
for providing the Info on this ship, it is very resourceful. =)


I credit Tyrel Lohr & Jon Letham again for the specs, very useful Ship Stats.

4 Beam Disruptors (2F/2A)
2 Disruptors (2F)
2 Torpedo Tubes (5 shot Fore, 4 shot Aft)

Ship Tested with Dkealt's Klingon Photons from his Torp Pack (2.0).

Included in Zip:

Armada 1 Texture


To Install:

Extract to Temp Folder (or Into BC Root), ship has a plugin file so you don't have to use BCMP.
^Then put folders into BC Root

Known Bugs:

Scaling: I am not sure how big this vessel really is, so the scale is 310 M.

I have found no other bugs (other than the Icon, which is fixed now)

Version 2.0 To Do's:

MVAM (Shoot those Pods into the enemy ship! Capture it!)
BaH'Taj Breaching Pods. (will model these into the ship)
Hardpoint fixing (will do this if someone requests it)
Anything else I forgot to mention will be included in 2.0.


Star Trek, Bridge Commander, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Star Trek: The Next Generation,
Star Trek: Voyager (and the various logo devices used in them) are copyright Paramount Pictures,
as are the characters, related images, and sound from the productions.

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