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This is a new version of the SVComputer Sounds mod. I think its a pretty good improvement over the originals. :) Download if you're tired of hearing Brex whine.



Author:ME, svinyl
Title: SVComputer sounds 1.5

What is it?

This is my second computer sounds pack.

Replaces some of the bridge crews commands with the computer voice from TNG and Voyager.

Whats different?
I've managed to put the computer beep at the begining of all computer sounds. Also a few more computer sayings included.

How to install

just place the sfx folder into C:\Program Files\Activision\Bridge Commander folder, or where ever
your BC folder is.

remember to make backups of the files that this overwrites just incase you don't like it.

before installing check the files to see if you like what you hear.


Also if you have the self destruct mod and the nemesis crew TC (with sounds mod)
when you start the self destruct, the computer will ask for authorization then riker will give his code, which is pretty cool.

Hope you enjoy this mod as its my first one and i know its only a simple one, but it just makes the game a bit more trekky!

Me for doing all the work and converting the computer beep to the beginning of most sounds! And to all the peeps who helped me sort the sounds, you know who you are!!

enjoy the mod.

any probs, then e-mail me on [email protected]

This mod may not be redistibuted without permission from its author. (myself)

Star Trek: The Next Generation, Star Trek: First Contact, and related properties are registered trademarks of Paramount Pictures.
All original music and sound recordings are copyright Paramount Pictures. 
No infringement of Paramount's copyrights is intended.

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