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Star Wars Sienar Fleet Systems TIE Series Pack by Desert Storm Sandtrooper (Sandtrooper) this pack has 1...


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Star Wars Sienar Fleet Systems TIE Series Pack by Desert Storm Sandtrooper (Sandtrooper) this pack has 16 ships included.

Author's notes: Each ship has it's own plugin.

You need: SubMenu I HIGHLY Recommend the Single Pulse toggle, as it WILL be required for my next SW pack.

The Fighters show up in:

Star Wars Ships > Imperial Ships >Fighters required: http://bridgecommander.filefront.com/file/SubMenu;68668

(for future reference, can you add the link in your readme to your required file (s))

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Download 'tie_series_v1.rar' (8.88MB)


Sienar Fleet Systems TIE Series Pack


Published by Desert Storm Sandtrooper
(D-S_Sandtrooper AT Hotmail DOT COM)


The Galactic Empire's brutal small craft firepower is that of the TIE series (numerous designs), fast, agile hunting machines used to destroy the the oppossing side's own starfighters athough there is a big gap on who eventually wins the battle (whether be the T-65 X-Wing, or the TIE/Ln Fighter, BTL Y-Wing or TIE/sa Bomber, etc.). All craft have a unique Twin Ion Engine setup (hence the TIE acronym), and propell these starfighters to quite high speeds, and give out the signiture engine noise that was heard for about 20 years. The main reason this entire fighter series fell off the face of the galaxy was because of the fall of the Empire, and its mostly unshielded spaceframes was quite risky to fly ("Expendable" pilots were accounted for alota casualties, beside the millions of Stormtroopers who unfortunatly always encountered the Stormtrooper Effect!)


Concept: Lucas Arts.
Models: Mostly by Darksaber
Textures: Some by Darksaber and Decoy
Conversion: Sandtrooper
Hardpoint: Sandtrooper
Sound FX: Project90; ST vs SW Armada I

Most models converted from X-Wing Alliance
(those NOT from XWA have a *)
To Install:

Extract the contents to BC Root directory

There are 16 ships included.

Each ship has it's own plugin.

You need: SubMenu
I HIGHLY Recommend the Single Pulse toggle,
as it WILL be required for my next SW pack.

The Fighters show up in:

Star Wars Ships
	> Imperial Ships

All Fighters were ballanced to the F302s & Vipers by Dkealt & Dave975.
To Argue with me on this, E-mail me, not on BCFiles.



Some lasers will fire at the wrong place, some of these issues are irresolvable.
Tested on BC 1.1 install.

In this pack, I included the following:

"For every TIE fighter you shoot down, a thousand more will take its place." 

TIE/LN (Line) Starfighter
6.3 M

The original spaceframe, the TIE Fighter is pretty much a "I turned 90 degrees" (pun intended) with 2 lasers for it's weapons. Being shieldless made the flying a bit dificult, but as always, the one who flys one of these is expendable.

TIE Advanced X1
9.2 M

Known to the Galaxy as Darth Vader's TIE, this fighter was an completely new frame with long wings ( {-0-} style), and a enhanced laser system (turret mounted?) & targeting system. The speed came from 2 pairs of TIE engines (2 pairs = 4 single units). It also came with a Hyperdrive (Class 4) to enhance the capibilitys, but when a few more frames were built, the Navy had worried that the fighter and their pilot would operate as a stand-alone unit due to the Hyperdrive when they would purchase the frames. The Interceptor was thus selected which had the engine system in a more compact form, and spelled the end for the X1. 2 Lasers (more target arc due to enhancements), and shielding.

TIE/In Interceptor
9.6 M

A popular variant, the Interceptor was one of the fastest starfighters in existance, equiped with 4 (or 8) lasers, this spaceframe was deemed suicidal (due to it's 144 speed rating), but very useful to one who was very skilled.

TIE/sa (Surface Assault) Bomber
7.8 M

The spaceframe used from the X1, the Bomber was a airstrike-type starfighter with it's numerous loads of Proton (Torps and Bombs), and could punch holes in numerous defenses if used strategicly (and done mostly correct), some Bombers were known to destroy parts of a MC cruiser (unknown type of MC Cruiser, sorry, memory runs short here - STR).

TIE/D Defender
9.2 M

At first, it's like a fly-trap, but then you'll see why they call it a "Trip". With it's 3 wings, and it's engine, it's possibly called the Triple Ion Engine/D, and it's performs to a quality that closely levels with the Interceptor. Unfortunatly, the Empire didn't depoly this fighter much due to it's riducuolus price tag. Equiped /w 4 Lasers and 2 Ion Cannons, 2 Missile Launchers (in place of the chin-mounted lasers), and shielded to enrich it's survivalbility.

*TIE/rc (Reconnaissance) Vanguard
6.3 M

An upgrade to the original TIE/rc, the Vanguard has bent wings to enhance the sensor gain, but has a single laser due to the sensor equipment taking more room (like the original). Not used as much, since recon TIEs are rare. A noticable change to the Vanguard was that sheilding was installed.

*TIE/GT (Ground Targeting?)
6.3 M

The predecessor to the TIE/sa, the GT closely mimics it's successor, but still looks like the TIE Fighter, but has an extended hull to house the bombs and missiles. One laser and 12 Concussion Missiles underside.

TIE/Ad Avenger
9.8 M

Looking alot like TIE Fighters with fat bodyframes, the Avenger was further upgrades to the Advanced (X1). Originaly slated to replace the Fighters, a rival SFS team unveiled the Interceptor frame, and the Empire joyfullyed deployed these in mass numbers, and this pretty much spelled the end for this short-lived spaceframe as the Empire saw that this costed alot more than the Interceptor. The Avenger came with 4 Missile Launchers (1 Concussion Missile each), 4 lasers and shielding.

Marrek Steele was a famed Avenger Pilot (SW: TIE Fighter)

*TIE/D Automated Drone Starfighter
6.1 M

A pilotless version, the Drone was essentially a TIE/LN with no pilot, but wings with adjustable pitch were included. Mass produced by the World Devastators, the Drones were used in great numbers, but were extremely outwitted by human pilots.

This TIE cannot be flown (it's a Drone, duh).

*TIE/ph Phantom
14.3 M

A failed project, the Phantom was built from V-38 Assault Fighters (who knows what the V-38 looked like...). The fighter was manned by 2 (gunner & pilot). The big threat of this fighter was the Stygium crystal inside: A Cloaking Device. The project was later found by the Rebels and ultimatlly failed. Equiped /w 5 lasers, hyperdrive and shielding.

*Scimitar Assault Bomber
13.8 M

An Unoffical variant, the Scimitar had a single engine (thus not being TIE Scimitar), it also had a quarter more space than the TIE/sa, for more heavier loads of destruction. It also happened to be faster than the Bomber. A Scimitar was reportedly known to destroy the Imperial-I SD "Emperor's Revenge" after being self-destructed. Equiped /w 2 Lasers and 16 Missiles underside.

*TIE/RPT Raptor
6.8 M

Another Unoffical variant, the Raptor is a TIE ball with 4 wings (with 1 single laser on each wing), and 2 missiles on the chin of the ball. Very much like the Defender w/o the Ion Cannons, and a bit slower (but manuvers like a A-Wing). The Raptor was designed by Warlord Zsinj's engineers.

Human Version only.

Experimental TIE Series

A series of experimental TIEs emerged for a short period of time, 1 design was considered Bizzare. All the TIEs were slaved into a transport for remote control.

M1: This bizzare TIE had 2 TIE Series "Eyeball"'s, one housing a Turbolaser (the Starbord side), both "eyes" had TIE engines. Used in few numbers and attacked a Convoy. 6.3 M

M2: A TIE/LN with a pair of turbolasers on the outer wings. Blew up an entire patrol consisting of B-Wings. 6.3 M

M3: A TIE/In with 2 missile pods (Concussion Missile launchers). 9.6 M

M4: A TIE that is obviously a guided bomb on a TIE frame. (Not included in pack). A squad of these almost blew up the MC Cruiser Liberty. 8.7 M

M5: A TIE/LN with a rocket booster (from the M4). This TIE can almost surpass the Interceptor in speed, but has crappy manuverability due to the weight added. Same armment as the TIE/LN.  10 M

The Experimental Fighters have their own SubMenu:

Star Wars Ships
	> Imperial Ships
	     	>Experimental Fighters



Q: Why do I need Single Pulse Toggle?
A: Sometimes you can toggle Pulse to 0 and you can fire all guns, note that the Defender cannot fire everything, since I sequenced the fireing.

Q: What the hell does "You can't fly the Drone" mean?
A: It's a Droid. Automated by the wimpy Bridge Commander AI Only. It's the same as the TIE Fighter, but more agile.

Q: Where'd the M4 TIE go?
A: Good question. I needed an AI to ram a ship and make the TIE explosion very big. It's a guided bomb. Alas, there isn't an AI that could do that. Asking for a AI to do that would be frowned opon at BCC (it was always my guess to their reaction). If you were to use this thing, you'd just ram a ship since you're a suicide ship /w a big bomb on your back, and it's quite useless anyways since Saffi kills the simulation without YOU seeing alota fireworks happening.

Q: Is my lasers on Phaser mode?
A: GOD NO! I made them pulse type, and the current models on BCFiles are overscaled as well (no offense LC, exe..).

Q: How do I fire the missiles on the Scimitar & GT?
A: The missiles are on an angle ( this:  \), And try to fly the bomber to the dorsal/ventral side of the opponment's shield and fire away. You can fire one entire rack as well. If my missile system is wimpy for you, then oh dear. The missiles are modeled to shoot diagonaly downward.

Q: There are some glitches in this, some lasers don't shoot at the tips
A: Its hard for me to hardpoint a fighter that is 6.3 M (or less), I try sometimes, and if it were to never go away, EVEN though the weapon IS on the model and in the right spot, it'll still fire in the wrong place. Expect some glitches anyways, I'm not that perfect...

Q: What's this extra TIE/sa Hardpoint?
A: That is a hardpoint setup to SW: X-Wing's version (1 Proton launchers on each side).

Q: When will this readme end!?
A: 5 more lines.



You know all this stuff, LucasArts/LucasFilms owns the Star Wars parts. CBS owns Star Trek.
No distrubuting all these files onto a CD if it were to be SOLD. (eBay INCLUDED IN THIS). NO Claiming-this-as-yours crap.


End of ReadMe,

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