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Here is the latest update to BanzaiZAP's System Pack. This is an incredible addition for BC! Hidden locations, Targetable cities, Galactic v...


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Here is the latest update to BanzaiZAP's System Pack. This is an incredible addition for BC! Hidden locations, Targetable cities, Galactic voids and Stellar anomalies! This is the best system pack to date and they just keep setting better. So go study the Cosmic String phenomenon, or Attack the klingon and Romulan Homeworlds!

Download ASAP !!

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Download '' (5.16MB)

BanzaiZAP System Pack 10

This is a modification of the original: Star Trek: Bridge Commander by Tottaly Games and Activision. Neither party has authorized this mod, and therfore bare no responsibility to any affect it may have on the game. Buyer Beware!


Star Trek: Bridge Commander version 1.0 or 1.1
"Foundation" plugin version 05/26/20 (or later)


Unzip into your Bridge Commander folder, being sure to keep the directory structure intact. When you start Bridge Commander, immediately go to "Configure", Before you choose Quick Battle under the heading for "Mutator" there should be an optionfor "BanzaiZAP SystemPack."


1) Find your Bridge Comander directory, usually
 C:\Program Files\Activision\Bridge Commander

2) Unzip into this folder. it will create some new folders and files. It will only replace files if you have a previous System Pack Installed, automatically updating any systems.

3) When you start Bridge Commader, immediately go to "Configure", BEFORE you choose Quick Battle.

4) Under the headings for "Mutator" there should be an option for " BanzaiZAP System Pack." 

System Pack 10 contains all files necessary to play in the new systems. And includes all of the extra backgrounds, nebula, and all "secret" objects and locations. Installation should create new files in the "data/Backgrounds/" High, Medium, and Low folders. It will also creat new City object. There are many "secret" details hidden in the systems. You can fly around and discover them yourself, or for a quicker option is to set Sensors to 125% and Scan the area.

System Pack 10 contains the folowing star systems:

Arena A: Compact star system with a variety of locations for ambushes.

Banzai System: Binary star system with population.

Briar Patch: Small system tucked into a nebula, as seen in ST: Insurrection.

Comet: Comet with tail drifting past a Cardassian Base.

Junk Yard: A variety of wrecked ships drifting in a Asteroid field.

Khan: Wraith of Khan system with nebula.

Stellar Nursery: Stars being born in the Pillars of Creaton at M16.

Rainbow System: Rainbowed star, and flyable gas giant.

Smoke Ring: Dwarf star with a gaseous torus around it.

Cosmic String: Stream of stellar matter with science stations.

The Galaxy: Galactic Core, Earth, Kronos, Romulus, and Intergalactic Space.

The Void: Nothing to see here, Really,  Nothing at all. it's all dark.

Wolf 359: Battle site of Borg vs. Starfleet.


You can use MPMP 1.4c(or higher), which includes System Pack.This is reccomended, as it will allow you to use the player-made mods in a multiplayer setting.

if you don't want the MPMP, but do want the systems in multiplayer look in folder:
Bridge Commander: scripts : Multiplayer : and rename the file "Species to" to "Species to"
Then go to this folder:
Bridge Commander : data : TGL :
and rename the file "SystemsBZ.TGL" to "Systems.TGL"

We do recommend making a backup of the original files. in case anything goes wrong. This HAS been tested, so it does work. Once the files are renamed, jump into BC and the systems are now in Multiplayer!
The best part is you can warp from point to point in The Galaxy without leaving the in-game environment. Anyone participating in the game must have same System Pack, and the same modified files.

Special Thanks and Extra Credits go to these people:
Dasher42and redragon the Ringed Planet and Earth.
BlackRook32 for the Planet Textures "Tan Gas Planet" and "Aqua Planet".
Admiral Ames for the City Texture.

I have left the Pythons uncompiled, so other can use this as a template to modify. More advanced systems are forthcoming, including orbiting stations, etc.
Have fun!

Ben Howard aka BanzaiZAP

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