Tactical display editor.

Does exactly what the name implys. The program helps you edit tactical display icons. Should prove usefull to anyone who frequently makes Ta...


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Does exactly what the name implys. The program helps you edit tactical display icons. Should prove usefull to anyone who frequently makes Tactical icons from scratch.

This program is a beta, so if you run into trouble, or find a bug, make sure you report it. See readme for instructions.

Developed by Mark Allen.

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Download 'tdebeta1.rar' (452KB)

Tactical Display Editor version beta 01

This is a gui for editing the weapons display in the tactical view of Star Trek: bridge commander. Install by running the setup.exe in this zip. the program will install under start menu->games

When you start the program you will need to load your icon from disk. it is a good idea to keep the icon in the TDE directory (windows/Tactical display Editor) as for now you will need to load the icon again every time you run the prorgam. or you can overwrite the sovereign.bmp that is already there. There is no support for TGA's as reading them is a nightmare. So your image must be in the form of BMP/Pcx/Gif or one of the others listed in the open dialog, under the icon itself. Don't worry about icon size, it is automatucally scaled on loading.

To create a new icon you type it's name in the bottom right, and hit "new icon". the rest should be eas enough to understand. once you have completed you display. hit "show full icon list" to see the complete list of icons on one screen. Each line represents a different icon. in the form:

"icon name","arc type","arc x position","arc y position","indicator type","indicator x position","indicator y position"

just copy these into the MPE. a function to directly edit hardpoints is on it's way. probably showing up in the late betas. shouldn't be too long

in the program there are a few keyboard shortcuts to sped up editing. While you have an icon selected, the arrow keys will move the arc. and holding ctrl while pressing the arrow will move the indicator.

There are now two checkboxes at the bottom of the screen, to lock indicator type and position. The lock position will always set the position of the indicator correct to the arc, as this position is never (0,0). lock type will lock the type of the indicator to the arc. however, you will still need to select which you would like if there are two options, the function wil default to the first. Also there are two icons which do not have obvious indicators, so the lock type will just select the final indicator in these cases.


hardpoint save/load function
TDE project save/load
compatibility with the damage display, as well as the weapons
adding custom icons
cleaning up the interface a little
a more "drag and drop" method of moving the icons around
anything else that gets suggested.

by Mark Allen
any bugs/comments/requests to
or post on the BCN boards at 

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