Tactical Icon Pack

This is a ne ver with some new icons.


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This is a ne ver with some new icons.

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Download 'tip3.zip' (1.32MB)

Tactical Icon Pack v3.0

And here it is - my third Tactical Icon Pack for Star Trek: Bridge Commander! It contains 76 Icons, that will replace your current ones. I was quite unhappy with the Icons of the first two Packs, made a complete new one - all the Icons from this Pack are new and have never been avaliable in Public!

Use them by copying the "data"-Folder from this zip-File to your Bridge Commander Root Folder - that's all. If any of the Icons don't appear, try remaining the File from your "data\Icons\Ships"-Folder so that it replaces the old File. If you would like to restore your old Icons later, backup yout "data\Icons\Ships"-Folder.

If you want any other Icons, maybe for an own Mod, for a Ship that came without an Icon (or a crappy One) or if you just want to have a complete Set of Matsch-Klon-Style Icons ;D, please mail me and I will make any Icons for you as fast as I can! My E-Mail Addy is: matsch-klon@linomail.de

And now: These are the Icons included (Same order as on the Screenshots):

- Akira
- Ambassador
- Centaur
- Constellation
- Constitution
- Constitution refit
- Defiant
- Excelsior
- Excelsior refit
- Galaxy
- Galaxy X
- Intrepid
- Miranda
- Nebula
- New Orleans
- Norway
- Nova
- Oberth
- Olympic
- Peregrine
- Prometheus
- Raider
- Saber
- Sovereign
- Steamrunner
- Venture
- Wells (Relativity)
- Achilles
- Concorde
- Excalibur
- Eximius
- Montana
- Scorpion
- Victory
- Viper

Federation Shuttles
- Delta Flyer
- Type 6
- Type 9
- Type 11

- B'rel
- D7
- Negh'var
- Vor'cha
- Feklhr

- Bird of Prey
- D'deridex
- Norexan (Valdore)
- Warbird (Enterprise-Era)
- Firehawk
- Griffin
- Kerchan

- Galor
- Hideki
- Keldon
- Hutet
- Hybrid
- Veracidor

- Cube
- Diamond
- Sphere
- Tactical Cube

- Attack Ship
- Battlecruiser
- Battleship

- Heavy
- Light

- 8472 Bioship
- Breen Frigate
- Federation Transport
- Ferengi D'kora (Marauder)
- Human NX-Class
- Husnock Battlecruiser
- Reman Scimitar
- Son'a Battleship
- Tamarian Ship
- Bolian Starscream

All right and now - have fun with the Icons!

Credits: All Icons have been created using Ships from www.bcfiles.com, www.dreamartspro.com and www.staryards.com, so I give here by Credit to their Authors.

Matsch-Klon (pas@linomail.de)

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