Tactical icon pack 2

Version 2 includes all those in version 1, plus some new ones. All though some of these look cool, tactical icons are general a dorsal view...


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Version 2 includes all those in version 1, plus some new ones. All though some of these look cool, tactical icons are general a dorsal view of the ship, not a dorsal aft view, such as this, which makes it harder to place damage indicators. Additionaly, some of these are rather dark and it is dificult to see what the icon is.

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Download 'ship-iconsv2.zip' (882KB)

Matsch-Klon's Tactical Icons v2.0

This is my second Icon Pack with new Tactical Icons for Bridge Commander. I released the first one some Days ago. This Version contains all 38 Icons from Icon Pack v1.0 and 18 new ones.

Apply them by copying the data-Folder from this ZIP-File to your Bridge Commander-Root Directory. You might have to change the Icons's Names to be able to use them probably. Anyway, the stock Ships will get my new Icons for sure.

I made these Icons after I found a real cool looking set of Tactical Icons by ASDB_J here. Although they look awesome I decided to make my own ones, so that I would have a FULL set, as I use much more Ships than ASDB_Js Set covers up. I made them just like him: Resizing Screenshots, having used a light green Starfield, converting the Images into Targa and add some Alpha Blending. Well, I, for myself, like them very much. what about you?

These are the Ships included (top left to bottom right on my screenshot):

Icon Pack v1.0 & v2.0-Icons:
- Aegian Class
- Akira Class
- B'rel Bird of Prey
- Breen Frigate
- Excelsior Class
- Nova Class
- Steamrunner Class
- Constellation Class
- Constitution Class
- D7-Class
- Runabout: Danube Class
- Dauntless
- Defiant Class
- Delta Flyer
- Jem'Hadar Battlecruiser
- Excalibur Class
- Sovereign Class
- Galaxy Class
- Galor Class
- Hutet Class
- Hybrid
- Intrepid Class
- Keldon Class
- Kessok Heavy
- Kessok Light
- Marauder
- Negh'var Class
- Nebula Class
- NX-Class
- Prometheus Class
- Scimitar
- Tactical Cube
- Type 9 Shuttlecraft
- Norexon Class (Valdore)
- Vor'cha Class
- Cube
- D'deridex Class (Warbird)
- Wells Class

Icon Pack v2.0-Icons:
- Species 8472 Bioship
- Borg Queen's Vessel
- Jem'Hadar Attack Ship
- Norway Class
- Centaur Class
- Jem'Hadar Battleship
- Eximius Class
- Firehawk Class
- Galaxy X Class
- Griffin Class
- Hideki Class
- Miranda Class
- New Orleans Class
- Olympic Class
- Preragrine Class
- Venture Class
- Saber Class
- Son'A Battleship
- Achilles Class

If you would like ANY more Icons, just contact me, i'll make them for you in a matter of minutes!
- Email: pas@linomail.de

Credits: I used Bridge Commander's Stock Ships and many Ships you can download on this page for the screenshots i converted.

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