Teeth's Rebalance to KM1.0

I ment to uploaded this a few months ago,but lost interest in this. Seeing the new STO site gave me a Trek itch im trying to scratch.



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I ment to uploaded this a few months ago,but lost interest in this. Seeing the new STO site gave me a Trek itch im trying to scratch.

Anyway,this is my rebalance to KM1.0. What this basically does is,is gives a linear balance to all the [playable] ships in multiplayer. Standardization was my key factor in this I am not sure weather or not I will continue working on the rebalance,but if I see a significant number of people wanting me to,well....

Anyway,I'm hoping this an improvment to things,let me know how it plays

- Teeth

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Download 'km_rebalance_teeth_1.2.zip' (1.45MB)

First Full Beta Release of KM-T,A Rebalanced KM Mod by Teeth (.1 upload with fixed gameinfo)

The goal of this is to rebalance the existing ships in KM and make them more balanced online.


Either do one of the following steps

1a- Make another BC install and install KM1.0 in it

1b- Go to your existing KM1.0 BC install and make a copy of the 'scripts' folder. Rename it to something like 'Scripts Default'.This will be the exisitng KM1.0 folder. 

2. Copy the contents of the 'Install' folder included and paste it into your KM1.0 install of BC. Thats all there is to it.

If you did step 1b,just rename the scripts folders back and fourth to use either the default KM1.0 balance or the KM-T balance.


This is an open beta. I want your feedback (for real,I REALLLLY want your feedback). I would perfer you post it here-


I need feedback to fix bugs,or change things. This is for multiplayer,so its pretty hard to test everything myself.

If you like the balance and think you could help out fixing things,let me know that too.

The srcT folder contains all the .py's I edited.


25% To Totally Games/Activision for making BC
25% to the KM Team for the awesome mod
1% to me (Teeth) for the rebalance
49% to all the people who still play BC...*rock on*

.Heres a few points of note-

1. The races should now be better balanced and able to have more interesting fights (IE- the Feds arent the 'best' anymore,my goal here was to make a level playing field)

2. The Pulse weapons do more damage, almost always more than regular phasers.(might be too much,so watch using pulse weapons and give feedback on their damage output)

3. The phaser and pulse weapon damage output,is based upon the size of the ship. Bigger ships do more damage. Shield and hull hitpoints also go up linearly. Manuverability and speed goes down as the ship size goes up too.

4. All of the ships of the main races have 2 kinds of torpedoes. Yes,thats right,all the feds have Photons AND Quantums. However,they're actual torpedoes and not pulse weapons. For example,I took the quantum pulse weapons off the Soverign. The Type A torpedoes [Photons] have a higher chance to hit their target,while the Type B [Quantums] do more damage.

5. The multiplayer ship list is reordered by the linear balance. For example,the Excalibur is the slowest,least manuverable Fed ship,with the strongest hull,shields and most powerful weapons.

6. The multiplayer game tag should show 'KT1.2'. The KT is short for Kobiyashi Maru Teeth.

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