Terraformed Mars

This is a retexture of the Mars planet compatible with the Dasher 42 Sol system and Chris Jones's NFX2b Sol System maps. This is my "what if...


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File Description

This is a retexture of the Mars planet compatible with the Dasher 42 Sol system and Chris Jones's NFX2b Sol System maps. This is my "what if" version of a terraformed Mars in the 24th Century, with the bodies of water NASA say that were there 100,000,000,000 years ago. Dr. Carroll Marcus not withstanding. Well, this is your chance to enter the Martian sector for a closer look. I did not add any greenery / vegetation. It is the "Red Planet"after all!

Check it out!!

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Download 'terraformed_mars_textures.zip' (1.4MB)

                                   *  Star Trek Bridge Commander

Title		: Terraformed Mars Texture Map v.1.0
Date		: 09-01-2002
Files		: Data folder, (4) Screenshots "Galaxy Class: Venture Upgrade by Knox1701",
                                      Readme File.
Author		: D.L. Gordon aka BlackRook32
Email Address	: [email protected]

Description	: Though is not Star Trek Canon, I made this as a choice. For those who want to 
                                      see a Terraformed Mars.  The Federation has the technology to accomplish this.
                                      I didn't add vegetation. It's still the "Red Planet" after all.
                                      This is compatable with Dasher42's Sol System Map. 
Future Projects	: Terraformed Venus "Cytherea"
                                      ST Canon Star System Maps
                                      B5 Canon Star System Maps

* Mod Application

Base		: Evil Dr. Ganymede's 3DsMax Maps
Editor(s) used	: Paint Shop Pro 7
Known Bugs	: none
Build Time	: 7 min. Conversion

*Mod Installation


(Back up your Mars.tga file before installation) Low end users may experience problems.

Extract the data folder to your Bridge Commander folder.

Example:  ActivisionBridge CommanderDataModelsEnvironment

* Special Thanks

To Dasher42, for creating the "Excellent" Sol System. To Evil Dr. Ganymede for using his "Blue Mars"
texture map. and the BCN Community for giving me the insperation to mod. To all who downloaded my
creation.And to the Bridge Commander team at Activision and Totally Games for creating such a
"Cool" game.

* Copyright / Permissions

This zip-file cannot be distributed without the permission of the author in all kind
of media. The packet must remain as it is. The Author reserves All Rights to ask
the distributor to remove this program from distribution.

* Disclaimer
This zip-file is provided "as is" with no warranties expressed or implied. The author
will not be held responsible for any losses incurred, either directly or indirectly
by the use of this program.

Check out the view, and Rock On !!


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