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A neat mod which adds the I.S.S. Enterprise-E to your fleet of Terran Empire ships. This is the Empire's new pride's history: The Em...


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A neat mod which adds the I.S.S. Enterprise-E to your fleet of Terran Empire ships. This is the Empire's new pride's history:

The Empire Newest flagship Under the Command of Major Picard

No one really knows how the Terran Empire rebuilt itself very quickly however, after the first crossover to the mirror universe by two DS9 officers many Starship Captains of the Federation found it hard to believe what they were told about the situation in the mirror universe, they didn’t really believe that their counterparts would just give up there hostile ways and let the mirror spock reform the empire. However during the late 23rd century there was a civil war within the empire between Spock’s faction and the Terrans that didn’t want these ‘weak’ reforms who were led by Captain Sulu however many alien worlds were with Spock and the Terran faction found themselves outnumbered so they decided to regroup during this regroup they headed to the bajoran system where they by chance found an wormhole which headed to the gamma quadrent were they constructed an outpost however after they began to rebuild hey came in contact with the Dominion which was relatively peaceful due to the fact they controlled most of the gamma quadrant and they found themselves un prepared for a fight. There was a brief war between the two however a alliance was made when the Borg invaded and over 70 % of Dominion was lost even though the cube was destroyed. The rest of the remains of the Dominion became part of a new Terran empire under an agreement that the Empire would protect the founders against such foes as the Borg to which with their new members they began construction of new weapons such as the making of a new breed of jem’a’dar and ships to which one class was the Sovereign War-class which were equipped with cloaking devices. The 2nd to be built was the ISS Enterprise-E under the command of Major Picard

This New Terran Empire with its new found power continues to wait on the other side of the wormhole waiting to return the and alpha quadrant to once again return their homeworld to its former glory and take their revenge against those who defied them during the Empires civil war.

Check the screenshots and download as long as supplies last! :D

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Download 'iss_enterprise_e.rar' (5.56MB)

Credit goes to Chronocidal Guy for his Sovereign mod.

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