Terran Empire ISS Coto and USS Coto Poseidon Class



Terran Empire ISS Coto / USS Coto Poseidon Class by yopyop a good ship design from the NX era, howevere something is amiss with the phaser sounds and the torp- sounds when I played it , there were No sounds for any. And the torpedos were orange squares.

nice ship, need to get it for your Terran Empire fleet

REQUIRED for the sounds http://bridgecommander.filefront.com/file/NX_Class_Mod_Pack_MEDIUM;41033or any of the other sizes



USS Coto / Poseidon Class
by yopyop

Ship model: LC, all model changes made by yopyop
Ship textures: Mark, LC, saucer-top/bottom by yopyop 
Ship Hardpoints: based on Zambie Zans Intrepid/Neptune hp's, restructured by yopyop
Weapons sounds: Photonic sounds came from unknown sources. phaser sounds come from "silent enemy", phase disruptors and spatial torpedos come from the origional p81 pack
Ship Icon: yopyop
Weapons scripts: Mark
Design based on the Poseidon seen in ST:Legacy

	Mleos Submenu Mod v3

To Install:
	1) Extract to a temporary directory
	2) now copy the Data, sfx and Scripts folder into your bridge commander base directory

please inform the respective author if you are going to release something of theirs in a mod of your own.

	pm me at BCU under the alias yopyop
	e-mail me at yopyop AT gmx DOT net

Tactics: The shields are pretty weak on this ship, try to avoid hits. You have no Fwd.-Phaser so be careful how you are planning you attack runs!!!

2119   The Warp 5 Complex is established to create technology that will allow humans to safely explore deep space. Zefram Cochrane is present during the groundbreaking ceremony.
Henry Archer, Jonathan Archer's father, is second only to Cochrane in his importance to this program. The Warp Five program would eventually come under the jurisdiction of the new entity,
Starfleet, working in conjunction with the Vulcan Advisory Council.

NX01 Enterprise launched 2151
origionally capable of about warp 4.6, enterprise left space dock with minimal weapons or shielding. in 2153 Enterprise was refitted before entering the expanse, the ship was again
refitted in 2154 after the events at azati prime.

Federation created 2161

NCC-010 U.S.S.Poseidon launched 2163
first ship of the new Poseidon class. Though beeing weaker than the older NX-Class this ship was called "destroyer" for it beeing more maneuverable and having a more tarpedo tubes.

NCC-012 U.S.S. Coto launched 2164
only one year after the first ship "poseidon" already the third one was launched, because after the romulan war the Federation wanted to have a real star-"fleet" not consisting of only 4-5 ships.   


Changes in V2:

-New and better Registry-Font
-Redid some Texture-details (Impilse-Engines; Torpedo-Launchers; Phaser/Plasma-exits (?); Ventral-registries; Aft Shuttle-bay)
-Better Torpedo-placement
-Slightly adjusted HP's
-Added Fwd Phaser-cannons ("Silent Enemy" like) on both: Normal and ISS
-Added ISS Coto
-Added Fwd-Pulse Phasers for ISS
-Added cloak for ISS
-ISS ship-icon

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