Terran Enterprise C

I.S.S Enterprise-CModel/Textures by rick knox and KCSHardpointing by: Greystar the DragonThe ISS Enterprise was an Ambassador-class Long Ran...


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I.S.S Enterprise-C

Model/Textures by rick knox and KCS

Hardpointing by: Greystar the Dragon

The ISS Enterprise was an Ambassador-class Long Range Terran Imperial Warship that was first deployed on June 11, 

2332 on an mission of territorial Command/Conquer. Its first major action was the assault on Klingon outpost Khitomer, 

which was dubbed the Battle of Khitomer led by Commander Rachel Garrett: led by then later "promoted" Captain Lianna Young, 

it attacked Narendra III in an unprovoked strike that was later called the Narendra Massacre in 2344. Later in its career, 

it encountered its counterpart from an alternate universe that led to the Empires discovery of the InterTemporal element known 

as Chronomite.

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