Terran Galaxy Class Pack



Here are the Terran Empire Galaxy Class starship ship pack, these ships will install as separate ships under another menu. There are a total of nine Galaxy Class ships included all of which are based on the original Scotchy's Galaxy. These ships are more powerful than that of the Federation counterparts, to start with all of the ships have a cloaking device, and all of the ships now have quantum torpedoes.

The Standard Galaxy Class (ISS Galaxy, ISS Enterprise D, ISS Dauntless, ISS Odyssey and ISS Yamato) all have the standard photon torpedoes as well as 20 additional quantum torpedoes. These ships also have more powerful phaser arrays which make them more powerful than the counterpart starfleet ships and with the additional cloaking device it makes a better attacking vessel.

The Venture Variants (ISS Venture, and ISS Cortez) these ships have an additional 60 quantum torpedoes alongside their standard photon torpedoes. The weapons on the Venture Variant are more than capable of taking on heavy cruisers and above and perhaps would make a good fight against a Sovereign.

The War Galaxy Variants (ISS San Francisco and ISS Trinculo) have had their photon torpedoes replaced with Quantum torpedoes, as well as this its main phasers have been increased making it a more deadlier foe to face against. If used correctly and timed right this ship can be fairly powerful against some of the more heavier ships including the Sovereign and similar (doesn't mean it would always win though).

All of the above ships include the marking of the Terran Empire which are very clear and detailed on the ships hull both ventral and dorsal sides.

Requirements Replace Stock Ships: No Replace Any Ships: No Required Files: See Readme Requires Nano FX: Yes



This creates a Terran Duplicate of the SNS Galaxy pack. apart from diferent textures the terran ships have slightly diferent hardpoints than their counterpars making them more powerfull (but within resonable limits).
Hardpoint changes include:
-All ships now have a Cloaking Device.
-The Standard Galaxys (ISS Galaxy, ISS Enterprise-D, ISS Dauntless, ISS Odyssey and ISS Yamato) have an adition of 20 quantum torpedoes.
-The Venture Variants (ISS Venture and ISS Cortez) have an adition of 60 Quantum torpedoes
-The War Galaxys (ISS San Francisco and ISS Trinculo) have their Photons replaced by Quantums.

The ships will apear ingame in the Terran Empire ships menu under the Terran Galaxy Class submenu.

Scotchys Galaxy (and all of its requierments) http://bridgecommander.filefront.com/file/Scotchy_Galaxy;27214

Known bugs:
none that im aware of.

Original SNS Galaxy Mesh and textures: Scotchy
Original hardpoints and torpedoes: Durandal
Scripts: MLeoDaalder and Dasher 42
Terran Textures from the Terran Galaxy retexture packs by: JasonJaneway
Terran Hardpoint tweaks and Terran script modification: Darth Harry

-Darth Harry

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