TGL Editor (2021)



Author USS Sovereign

So I lost my BCUT source long ago. I decided to write a new TGL editor and reverse engineer the TGL structure once again (was bored).

TGL Structure (simplified):

- Header data (static)

- Then at index 12 comes total entry count

- Then empty 12 bytes (probably padding)

- Then follows length of each columns starting at index 28 (id, data and sfx) until we reach the last item in the list (so basically the bytes will go id1 string length, data1 string length, sfx1 string length, id2 string length, data2 string length and such).

Note the last entry data and sfx lengths are not written here

- After this follows the id columns (you can use length to find correct offsets)

- Once the ids are written it is closed by the last entry data length

- Then the data is written using the same logic and are closed by the last sfx data length and then follows the sfx data

Download contains

NET5 -> Requires NET5 installed

Self Contained x86 -> Works on >= Win7 x86 systems

Self Contained x64 -> Works on >= Win7 x64 systems




Readme included (you do stuff via hotkeys like load and save files)


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