The Last Bastion Part 1

Here is the first of a six part of a Star Trek Vs Star Wars video series which was created using Bridge Commander, Jedi academy and "The Mo...


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Here is the first of a six part of a Star Trek Vs Star Wars video series which was created using Bridge Commander, Jedi academy and "The Movies". This first part is where a Federation starship encounters a spacial rift to investigate reports of a strange alien ship, a ship from a galaxy far far away.

The resolution is at 320 x 240, but still looks fairly decent if you double the size. I won't say much as it may ruin the video. Some of you might have already seen this as it has been on youtube for a litte while, this version is more clearer than that version of the video.

Please note that this is NOT the place for comments or arguments about the verses between star trek vs star wars debate on who is better, anyone who starts this debate will be banned from commenting for at least a week - Danny

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Download 'lastbastfinala.wmv' (10.51MB)


"The Last Bastion" is a 6 part Star Wars vs Star Trek machinima video series which uses "Bridge Commander" and "Jedi Academy" for virtual sets, and uses "The Movies" for the actors, which are chroma-keyed in. The video file is in .wmv format, 320x240, and will play on the Windows Media Player. A Greenscreen Tutorial on how "The Last Bastion" was created can be found here:

"The Last Bastion" part 1: The Federation sends the USS Compliance into the Serova Rift to investigate reports of a strange, alien ship.

In the Rift, a massive starship from a galaxy far, far away awaits them...

Originally created: September 28, 2006

Youtube Link:


"The Last Bastion" part 1

Screenplay by: Phil Skayhan

Directed by: Wayne Poe


Captain Cole ~ Elfdart ( Forum)

Helm ~ Kristine Browne (Lionhead Studios Forum)

Tactical ~ Wayne Poe

Communications ~ Wayne Poe



Greenscreen Bridge ~ Eggshine

Giant Greenscreen Placeable Wall ~ FraasMovies and Caystarz

Star Trek Costumes ~ Wayne Poe


P81_Galaxy ~ Rick Knox

Custom Registry ~ Wayne Poe

NanoFX 2.0 

Hull Structure Damage Ver 2.0A ~ NeoXarchNova

Warp Star Streaks / Star Field ~ Gdluque

Custom Registries ~ Wayne Poe


Bounty ~ Forums

LJ ~ Bridge Commander Central Forums

CaptainRussell ~ Bridge Commander Central Forums


This machinima movie may not be redistributed or sold on CD, DVD etc. This machinima movie is neither affiliated with nor endorsed by Lucasfilm Ltd, Paramount Pictures, Lucasarts, Activision, or Lionhead Studios. Copyrighted materials are the sole property of Lucasfilm Ltd. Paramount Pictures, Lucasarts, Activision, and Lionhead Studios.

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