The Last Bastion Part 5

Here is the 5th installment in the 'Last Bastion' series. Here, we see the aftermath of the Sovereign Class U.S.S. Guardian's encounter with...


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Here is the 5th installment in the 'Last Bastion' series. Here, we see the aftermath of the Sovereign Class U.S.S. Guardian's encounter with an Imperial Star Destroyer. The 'clueless' Captain Anderson again, making bad command decisions. Becoming the laughing stock of his crew. The video quality could be better, but the scenes of the Guardian's crew tending to the wounded in sickbay and damage control is very cool.

On the Imperial Star Destroyer, the Commander is the coolest character in the lot. The Star Destroyer's crew are definitely comic relief! One of the maintenance droids starts using Trek technobabble to relay a damage report to the Star Destroyer's Chief Engineer. Let's just say the Engineering Chief's language would make a Klingon 'blush'.

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The Last Bastion is a 6 part Star Wars vs Star Trek machinima video series which uses Bridge Commander and Jedi Academy for virtual sets, and uses The Movies for the actors, which are chroma-key in. The video file is in .wvm format, 320X240, and will play on Windows Media Player.

The Last Bastion part 5: Captain Anderson makes one final stand against the Star Destroyer 'Impassive'

Youtube Link:


The Last Bastion part 5

Screenplay by: Phil Skayhan

Directed by: Wayne Poe


Captain Anderson ~ Andiana (Youtube)

Captain Jorg ~ Phil Skayhan

Captain Kraft ~ Aseneth (View Askew board)

Guardian Tactical ~ Neil Coleman ( Forum)

Automated Vices:

All other voices: Wayne Poe


Custom Bluescreen sets ~ Tarison

Giant (Greenscreen) Placeable Wall ~ FraasMovies and Caystarz

Star Trek Costumes ~ Wayne Poe

Star Wars Costumes ~ Wayne Poe

Golden Robot Costume ~ BustopWilly

TIE Fighters and Star Destroyer ~ marvellousguppymovies

Static Overlay ~ Rysto


P81_Phoenix ~ Rick Knox
CG_Sovereign~ CaptainRussell
C2_Galaxy/ SNS Galaxy

NanoFX 2.0

Warp Star Streaks / Star Field: Gdluque

Crazyhid's Crew Mod

Late TNG Galaxy Bridge: 3rd Era

Nemesis Sovereign Bridge: 3rd Era

Custom Registries ~ Wayne Poe


Star Destroyer Bridge (Custom built for The Last Bastion) ~ Sparrowhawk


Heavy Turbolaser Prop ~ Ray Montes

ANIMATED Heavy Turbolaser ~ Acidburns (


John Williams

"Imperial March" by SKWEEG


Bounty ( Forum)

Ender ( Forum)

Publius ( Forum)

LJ ~ (Bridge Commander Central Forum)

CaptainRussell (Bridge Commander Central Forum)


Elfdart ( Forum)

Vohu Manah ( Forum)

For the support, and smackdown help.


This machinima movie may not be redistributed or sold on CD, DVD etc. This movie is nether affiliated nor endorsed by Lucasfilm Ltd, Paramount Pictures, Lucasarts, Activision, or Lionhead Studios. Copyrighted materials are sole property of Lucasflm Ltd. Paramount Pictures, Lucasarts, Activision, and Lionhead Studios.

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