The Last Bastion Part 6

In this "Final" installment of the Last Bastion series, We find the Bridge Crew of the U.S.S. Guardian in a bit of a dilemma. After defying...


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In this "Final" installment of the Last Bastion series, We find the Bridge Crew of the U.S.S. Guardian in a bit of a dilemma. After defying Captain Anderson's orders to ram the Imperial Star Destroyer head on. The Guardian's Helmsman and Operations officer refuse to comply. It's now up to Captian(s) Jorg and Kraft too prevent a full scale conflict. I will say Captain Kraft's solution is "unique" to say the least. On the Imperial side of this story, Captain Neral is faced with a choice as well. The results are classic for a Imperial Captain. I will say that I would not want too be on the IDS's Chief Engineer's bad side. Captain Anderson's fate can only be called "Cosmic Karma".

In the end, A Good time is had by All ((literally)).

There is some minor "Adult Content" depending on how much of a "prude" you really are? So, I'll post a "PG-13" label on the bottom of the review. As if Parents are actually paying attention to what their kids download these days.

Check it Out. . .

* Moderator's Note: This is "NOT" the place to start a Star Trek vs. Star Wars debate. Arguing about canon tech which usually ends in a Flame War. If this occurs? Your comments will be deleted. And a commenting ban for 'One Week'. -BR32


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Download 'tlb6.rar' (63.94MB)


The Last Bastion is a 6 part Star Wars vs. Star Trek machinima video
series which uses Bridge Commander and Jedi Academy for virtual sets,
and uses The Movies for the actors, which are chroma-keyed in. The
video file is in .wmv format, 320x240 and will play on the Windows
Media Player.

'The Last Bastion' part 6: The final chapter in the Last Bastion
series. Captains Jorg and Kraft act to save the crew of the USS
Guardian. Captain Anderson and Captain Neral's destinies collied one
final time.


The Last Bastion part 6

Screenplay by: Phil Skayhan

Directed by: Wayne Poe


Elfdart  ( Forum)

Vohu Manah  ( Forum)

For the support, and smackdown help.


This machinima movie may not be redistributed or sold on CD, DVD etc.
This machinima movie is neither affiliated with nor endorsed by
Lucasfilms Ltd,  Paramount Pictures, Lucasarts, Activision, or Lionhead
Studios. Copyrighted materials are the sole property of Lucasfilm Ltd.
Paramount Pictures, Lucasarts, Activision, and Lionhead Studios.

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