To Warp or not to Warp (Part 1)



This is a great new mission by Chris Jones. It requires the latest version of QBR (2.2) so make sure you have it installed.



 Welcome to my first QBR 2.2 Mission. 

Obviously the first requirement is having the QBR 2.2 scripted by Banbury.

This file will automatically detect where Bridge Commander is on your hard drive. 

This mission is called:

To Warp or not to Warp (Part 1)


Warp Drive on several ships in several systems has been disabled, leaving many stranded. Of course the Cardassians and Romulans think the Federation is behind it. You have an ally or two that will help you, but it's mostly up to you to investigate as you ship, the USS Sovereign, is one of lucky ships that still has warp. 

There's a lot of action right off the get go. I would suggest going to Red Alert immediately!

The Akira has random damage so it will act differently each time you start up the mission. If you get destroyed the mission starts over. 

This is Part 1.. there's more to come.

I would reccomend having Nanobyte's FX installed with this. It's just plain awesome! It is not required to run this mission.

Start BC, go to Configure, turn everything on, click Missions, then QuickBattleGame, then File, then load the mission, 'To Warp or not.' and click Start..

and have a blast!

A world of thanks to Banbury for the QBR script

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