Tos D7



Updates to p81's D7. The phasers do 90 damage and it has 4000-5000 shields, so it should be roughly even with the miranda. We know the constitution TOS could take on 2 of these so the 1701-A should be fine (it's a D7 not a ktinga)



Author -- Cpt_Jack_Archer (no relation)
Email -- [email protected]

File Name: D7TOS.py
File Title: CJA's P-81 D-7 HP Update (1.0)
Description: An update to P-81's Klingon D-7 cruiser. Weapons, shields, and systems have been tweaked a bit to increase it's capability. I also added a cloaking device.  Note: This is a hardpoint file, and not an complete ship so back up your original.

P-81's D-7 can be found on BC Files in the Star Trek>Ships>Klingon download area.

Credits: Rick Knox a.k.a pneumonic81, the creator of the original file.

Installation Instructions: Copy-Paste the included file into your Bridge Commander directory under scripts/ships/hardpoints.

Screenshot not included since this is a hardpoint file. Feel free to email me any suggestions you may have for version 2.0

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