TOS Defiant

knight_tos.zip —


defensive technology into a very small, maneuverable ship, and therefore did not house provision for families or diplomatic missions, nor science labs or recreational facilities. The Knight ships were considerably smaller than most other Federation starships and although officially designated as an escort, they were sometimes referred to as destroyers due to the formidable firepower of the ship.Knight-Class ships:U.S.S. Knight NCC-1020U.S.S. Arthur NCC-1021U.S.S. Lancelot NCC-1022U.S.S. Gallahad NCC-1023This ship is balanced for the TOS EraARMAMENT4 Pulse Phaser Cannons (4 Fwd)4 Phaser Emitters (2 Dorsal, 2 Ventral )4 Photon Torpedo Tubes (2 Forward, 2 Aft)


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