TOS Forestal Carrier



operated during the mid to late 23rd century.This class was built as result of war looming with the Klingon Empire and increased hostilities along the Romulan neutral zone. Starfleet Command noted that no new fleet carriers were expected to be completed in time and proposed to quickly convert some of the Constitution cruisers then under construction. Space designated for scientific equipment and additional living quarters was used for additional weapons and defensive systems and a quad warp nacelle configuration resulting in a formidable assault vessel.The Forestal class design featured a relatively narrow flight deck and hangar with a typical fighter group of about a dozen Lightning class heavy fighter-bombers and auxiliary shuttle craft. The principal virtue of this class was near-term availability, and the speed necessary to operate in the fleet-carrier task groups.This ship is balanced for the TOS EraARMAMENT10 Dual Phaser Banks(5 Ventral, 5 Dorsal)3 Photon Torpedo Tubes (2 Forward, 1 Aft)


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