TOS Oberth Class From Hell

212574-184015-TOS Oberth Class From Hell.rar


Hey Guys Sci Fi Here We finally got a really strong Oberth! an Tos one mind You,  but this is a Community Request  and im gladly gonna release this Today!

The Armament's Are As Follows 

6 Standard Phasers (4 dorsal, 2 ventral)

2 Photon Torpedo Tubes (2 Forward)

Steps To Install

1 Highlight all the important files

2 Drag all of it in your STBC Folder

3 You should Be Good To Go

Note: Becut May Not work for this file in your game its best to do it manually as i showed above.

I had a Blast Making this it is Fun To Use! 

Now to the Credits 

Kitbash: GMunoz


 Hardpoint: GMunoz

 Original Mesh and textures: cliperkins

What i did Is  

Hardpoints and Add Tech to it

And Fix the Sound Issues 



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