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A total conversion mod that allows your crew to use The Original Series uniforms. It will not overwrite any other uniform mod you might have...


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A total conversion mod that allows your crew to use The Original Series uniforms. It will not overwrite any other uniform mod you might have, and its activated through a mutator. Worked very well on my computer, and looks good too. This new version is fully compatable with the new TOS Bridges from 3rd Era.

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Download 'tos12_tucv1point1.rar' (26.55MB)

Title: TOS Total Uniform Conversion Mod 1.1 (FIXED)
Filename: TOS1& 
Version: 1.1 
Date: 9 July 2006 
Email: mailme(at) 

Body/Uniform Textures: Jay Hurst.  
Female Head Textures (except for Saffi): BlackRook32 - used with permission.
All other head textures (including Klingon, Romulan and Saffi): Jay Hurst 
Scripting: Jay Hurst - based on mldaalder/mleodaalder's scripting for his "Uniform Mod Pack 1." Basically I couldn't have made this a mutator activated mod without having seen how he did his, so BIG thanks to him! 
Original Mod Tested by: Strayhero. Current fixed version tested by DPS. 

None so far. This mod has been tested in Bridge Commander 1.1, Single Player, Quick Battle, Quick Battle Replacement and NanoFX2 Beta and works fine. 

If you have NEVER installed this mod before, then simply drag and drop the files/folders from the "TOS Total Uniform Conversion" folder into your Bridge Commander root directory only. You will NOT need files from the the "Fix for previous installs" folder.

If you have this mod installed and you have installed the 3rd Era TOS Bridge Pack after it, then you will be experiancing problems. Please follow the step-by-step instructions below to fix the problem:

1/ go into your "Bridge Commander\scripts\Bridge\Characters" folder and delete the files from it which are prefixed with "TOS" and "TOS2" (example, Please note, it is important to delete both the .py files AND the .pyc files as well.

2/ go into your "Bridge Commander\scripts\Custom\Autoload" folder and delete the two follow files from it; "TOS" and "TOSMod2" - again you will need to delete the .py and .pyc versions of these files as well.

3/ reinstall the 3rd Era TOS Bridge Pack, following all on screen instructions for that.

4/ drag and drop the files/folders from the "Fix for previous installs" folder into your Bridge Commander root directory only.

You should now have no further conflicts between this mod, and the TOS bridge pack.

The character script files for this mod have been renamed, and prefixed, with "Classic" - as the prefix "TOS" is being used now by the 3rd Era Bridge Team. Othe then the change in scripting, no other changes have been made to this mod.

This mod (when activated) will change ALL Starfleet characters to the TOS uniforms - and give each character the right rank as well. Both the Klingon and Romulan characters have been changed also, and have been redone to look like they did in TOS.

After installation, and after you have started your game you will see 2 new mutator buttons, "TOS UNI MOD (Cannon)" and "TOS UNI MOD (Enterprise Logo)." Both mods change the Klingon and Romulan characters, and both mods put your Starfleet crew in the TOS uniform, with the correct rank for each character. 

The "Cannon" version of the mod will give each starship crew a uniform with a logo specific to the ship they are on. Only Enterprise crew members will sport the arrow head logo, the other Starfleet characters (including your crew) will sport other ship logos. 

The "Enterprise Logo" version of the mod will put ALL Starfleet characters (accept Starfleet Command personal) in Uniforms that sport the Enterprise arrow head logo.

It's up to you which one you choose to play with. It's the only difference between them.

For the purpose of the "Cannon" version of the mod I have made use of four seen ship logos, (Enterprise, Antaris, Exeter and Constellation - I know that more have been seen since the original creation of this mod, but this version is a scipt fix only), and created the rest. I have also made use of the Starfleet Command logo as seen in TOS.  The Dauntless/Sovereign Crew (your crew) will all sport the Exeter logo when you make use of "Cannon" version of the mod. I make no apologies for this, I am a fan of the "Starship Exeter" website/series - so this is a little tip of the hat to them.

Eagle eyed people will notice that I have scripted all the characters for this mod, including the Cardassians, Ferengi, Kessok and Civilians. I have plans to do another version and give them a TOS make over - in other words planning for the future. At the moment however, it makes no difference or changes to those characters.

Regardless I hope you enjoy this mod.

This will NOT overwrite any file already in your BC installation UNLESS you already have scripts and directories with similar names. So if you already have a TOS total conversion its worth checking. If not, you have nothing to worry about.

This mod does include all the textures, scripts and mesh’s you will need to run it. It does not include any additional textures.

If you activate both mutators at the same time, it will not crash you game, or mess up your BC installation. You'll just end up with one mod overriding the other. (I know, because I tried it.)

This mod WILL give each character (Starfleet that is) the correct rank, and department color - regardless of which version of the mod you use.

This mod will not effect or make changes to any other uniform mod you may already have (unless you already have a TOS total conversion!)

1/ Saffi has been put in a red Operations/Engineering Uniform for the following reasons; in TOS - apart from the second pilot ("Where no man has gone before") Spock wore blue, even though he was the first officer. During TOS XO's actually had a job to do, other then sit around and argue with the Captain (like Saffi does). On the 3rd Era TOS Bridges, Saffi sits at communications - so I put her in the right color for that. 

2/ Kiska has been put in a gold Services/Command uniform for the following reasons; In TOS, the Helm office was normally seen wearing gold. I say normally because on occasions you would have an officer in red sitting in Sulu's seat. However, normally they wore gold. 

3/ Felix as been put in a red Operations/Engineering Uniform for the following reasons; Security officers in TOS always wore red. Mind you if you wore red in TOS then there was a good chance that would die to. Even Scotty couldn’t escape that fate - although he was brought back to life ("The Changeling," "Who Morns for Adonis"). As Felix is the Security Chief/Tactical Officer it makes sense to put him in red.  HOWEVER, Sulu was in charge of weapons control on the Enterprise bridge, and he wore gold. So putting Felix in gold would be right as well. BUT there were several occasions when an officer in red crewed that station (including Uhura), so it seems that either could be correct. I flipped a coin, and he ended up in red.

4/ No your eyes aren't playing tricks on you - Crew members (non officers) and NCO's have a silver insignia on there uniform, rather then a gold one. It's never been confirmed one way or another, but there is some screen evidence from early episodes to suggest this was how you told an officer apart from the enlisted crew. The silver rank band on Brex's cuff is supposedly the way NCO's displayed rank in TOS - and again there is some screen evidence to support this, but again it's never been confirmed, so it may not be official in any way shape or form. But it looked good for the purpose of the game.

OK, the above is my reasoning and argument on the department colors etc etc. You don't have to agree with me, but I am not going to make millions of versions of this to suit individuals. If there is enough clammier about Saffi and Felix being in gold, Kiska being in red, and crew/NCOs having gold emblems on there uniforms, or anything else that you may feel I got wrong, then I will release additional graphics so that you can make the changes yourself - I have 100+ megs worth of graphics for this mod, but this pack only has the graphics you need to run it, and no more.

This patch is not made, distributed, or supported by Interplay TM & (C) Interplay & Paramount Pictures. 

Star Trek is copyright to Paramount Pictures Corp. Use of this mod and ideas from Star Trek for this mod do not in anyway infringe upon any copyrights currently held. 

If you use this model in any Bridge Commander project please include this file. 

I would ask that you do not modify this readme or the included files with out seeking the author’s opinion. This is not a legal thing, just good manners! 

Last but not least, I am only human (despite rumours), and I make mistakes. If you find any, let me know. If you find any mistakes and rag me about it - then chances are I'll simply stick my tong out at you and blow a raspberry.

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