Type 9 Shuttle HP

A new hp for the type 9 shuttle available at BCFILES. Download this now.


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A new hp for the type 9 shuttle available at BCFILES. Download this now.

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Download 'uss_premonitions_type9_shutttle_hps.zip' (17KB)

Type 9 Shuttle HP-

What's New:
1. Updated Tactical Display: Shows phaser arcs in their proper locations, not all in front
2. MicroPhotons: I got the idea from the Achilles class USS Lennox, but I made my own torpedoes
that are smaller and with less glow. I just couldn't buy 20 person-sized torpedoes on a small shuttle. 

Copy the Scripts folder into the appropriate directory (Such as C:/Program Files/Activision/Bridge Commander)

Type 9 Shuttle availible at BCFiles

Upcoming Mods:
1. Major overhaul involving P81's B'rel, Galaxy, Akira, Ambassador and Nebula, CGSovereign, Romulan Warbird, 9 of 9's Galor 
and Keldon and C2's Vor'Cha. This mod will completely change the phaser, torpedo and disruptor systems to make them MUCH 
more canon, according to fights seen on TNG. Hull and shield strengths will also be changed.
2. Future HP files to bring more ships into line with my other updated ships

For mod suggestions, feedback, comments, etc., please E-mail me at BCPremonition@Hotmail.com

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