No, it's not the one from Aramda 2, but rather a cross between Voyager, the Akiraprise, and a Springfield class. This vessel has a fair des...


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No, it's not the one from Aramda 2, but rather a cross between Voyager, the Akiraprise, and a Springfield class. This vessel has a fair design, but has extremely poor texture quality, featuring large dead voids in the texture, no aztecing to speak of, and large areas of unfinished looking sections such as under the nacelles and pylons, and inconsistant levels of detail, such as with the ventral saucer and engeneerign sections. Overall, this ship is worth a 3.

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USS Typhoon
Author: N1GH7H4WK

A powerfull Light Cruiser made to aid bigger vessels like the Sovereign-class or the Prometheus-class in long-range escort missions.
Equipped with new regenerative shields, armor and weaponry, this ship is more than a match for any other ship of any race. Designed to face big Dominion ships, and 
as a light replacement of the Excalibur, this vessel can easily face both Cardassian or Dominion heavy cruisers, as well as any medium fleet of any other race.

Technical Specs
Max. Speed: 7200 kph
Cruise speed: 5600 kph

Max warp speed: 9.994
Cruise warp speed: 7.6 (9 hs)

-x9 Wave Phaser banks. Upgraded technology of standard burst phasers, enhanced with a shield-disruptive wave.
-x7 torpedo tubes: (3F x2 charges each, 4A x1 charge each) Loaded with standard Phased Plasma torpedoes and the improved Heavy Photon torpedo
-x4 Light Quantum turrets: (4F x25 rounds each) Loaded with the old prototype of Quantum Torpedoes, although a powerfull addition to the ship.
-Regenerative Shields: Enhanced Sovereign-Class shield generator, with upgraded recharge rate. avg 15000.
-Phalantium Wave level 3: A weapon that the Federation and the Romulans stopped using because of the backfire damage it causes to the ship that fires it, 
but with the new armor on the Typhoon this weapon becames a usefull element in dangerous situations.

Usefull tactics:
Take advantage of the speed an maneuverability of this vessel and rotate through the phaser arcs and shields to keep a continuous shield drain in your target.
Use the fast quantum torpedoes to fastly disable vital systems like the shields or sensors and to disable the engines of fast ships. Use the heavy photon torpedo to make a powerfull critical shot on weak hulls
Rotate through the shields to distribute any impact and let the generator to recover after each shield draining. If the shield generator fails, the hull can't stand against a high enemy fire for a long time, so keep your 
Phalantium Wave loaded and ready to use as the last resource.


BC 1.1
Latest QBAutostart
Phalantium Wave (Core files not included. Optional. Recomended.)

Extract the files to a temporal folder and copy to C:\Program Files\Activision\Bridge Commander\ 
or wherever your BC installation is.

Known bugs
None yet. Tested on BC 1.1 with KM 0.9.1 and lots of other mods
Any technical issue can be e-mailed to cs_nighthawk@hotmail.com

Credits and legal
Model, textures and hardpoints: N1GH7H4WK. Kitbashed ships from stock BC.
Torpedo textures: Modded textures from KM0.9.1
Weapon sounds: N1GH7H4WK
Phalantium Wave plugin: USS Sovereign from BCS:TNG

Special thanks:
Redmanmark86 for the beta-testing
MLeo, Wowbagger and USS Sovereign for the scripting tutorials

This mod is not made, supported or published by Activision nor Totally Games. 
No copyright conflict is intended. Any detected bugs can be reported to cs_nighthawk@hotmail.com, althought 
neither the author nor the modders listed before are responsable for any damage caused for bad use of this mod.

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