Typhoon class Battleship (BC Remastered)



This mod adds a recreation of the Typhoon class battleship, featured in Cryptic Studios’ Star Trek Online, as a playable ship.
True to its status as a battleship, it is slow and lumbering but hits hard in return.
It was setup and balanced for the Bridge Commander Remastered mod and might not work well or not at all with other mods.

As of this writing there's no version for the Kobayashi Maru mod, but one will eventuallly be added.



This model is a recreation of the Typhoon class battleship featured in Cryptic Games' Star Trek Online.

It was balanced for the Bridge Commander Remastered mod and might not work well or not at all with other mods.


	- Install the Bridge Commander Remastered mod, if you haven't already.

	- Copy the data and scripts folders and paste them into the Bridge commander installation directory.

     -> The ship should now appear in the quick battle ship selection menu under the "Federation Ships" submenu.

Model/textures & hardpointing by 08-Phoenix-80

Full Ship Description:

Weapons: Battleship
10 Type XIIa Phaser Arrays: 140 PJ / blast
8 Type II Quantum Torpedo Tube: 600 PJ / warhead
	Fwd Clip: 4
	Aft Clip: 4

Hull Rating: 14,125 PJ SIF Generator
Shield Rating:	8,875 PJ Fwd
		8,850 PJ Dorsal / Ventral
		4,925 PJ Port / Star / Aft

Combat Speed: 3,930 kph
Sensor Range: 3,000 km

Length: ca. 800m
Mass: ca. 6,047,240 t

Description: The resolution of recent Borg incursions and the Dominion War left Starfleet not only with a depleted fleet but also several hard-learned lessons, including the lack of ships dedicated to fighting large-scale fleet actions. The Typhoon class battleship was meant to fill gaps left behind by Galaxy class starships lost during the war, while providing a vessel that has more staying power and offensive capability than any other ship in service at the time. Specifically designed to provide a dedicated anti-capital-ship platform, the vessel was not outfitted with the usual suite of scientific laboratories and multipurpose sensors, instead serving as a dedicated warship. A move highly contentious, both in Starfleet and wider Federation society, given not only the cost and size of the vessel, but also the perception that Starfleet was already increasingly militarizing at the cost of its diplomatic and scientific mandate. Most ships of the class were never completed, or canceled before construction began, the few completed ships ended up serving with distinction in the series of high-intensity conflicts that marked the turn of the 25th century, such as the Federation-Klingon War and the Iconian War. However most of the Typhoons ended up being lost in those conflicts and surviving ships were ultimately decommissioned early, as more capable and numerous battlecruisers were introduced. While ultimately overshadowed by these newer ships, such as the Avenger and Inquiry, it nevertheless served as an important stepping stone towards the realization of larger and more complex supercapitals, such as the Odyssey class.

Tactics: The Typhoon concentrates most of it's firepower in the front, so keep the opponent towards the front or flanks of the vessel, breaking off only when the aft torpedoes can fire or shield facings are threatened. Keep at least two phaser arrays firing whenever possible. When flying against the battleship, try to stay on the ventral or dorsal side of the vessel to minimize torpedo hits, or, alternatively attempt to disable the ships weapons hardpoints. Forward torpedo tubes are well protected but phaser arrays and torpedo launchers are clustered in the back, providing an easy target for as a long as a shallow firing angle in relation to the target can be generated.


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