U.S.S Asimov

U.S.S AsimovModel/Textures by AtolmHardpointing by: Greystar the DragonThe U.S.S Asimov (Angelicos Class) was a Section 31 classified and hi...


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U.S.S Asimov

Model/Textures by Atolm

Hardpointing by: Greystar the Dragon

The U.S.S Asimov (Angelicos Class) was a Section 31 classified and highly experimental bioship launched in the mid 27th century.

The U.S.S Asimov was also Heavily modified and integrated with Borg Technology. The Angelicos class was designed to be a Medium

weapons crusier. This meant that while being a smaller ship, she has heavy phasers, strong shields and a strong hull. 

Her torpedo compliment is comprised of Advanced Quantums, Chronitons, and new and powerful Tauon Gravimetric Torpedoes and 

Ambiplasmic Transphasic Torpedoes. These torpedoes were modified borg plasma torpedoes combined with a negative quantum charge 

and thus had a very powerful blast. The Ambiplasmic Transphasic Torpedoes were Highly dense phasing plasma balls that do extreme 

damage to a target but dont track as well. The ship was also equipt with organic armor, which didnt have much durability, but could 

regenerate rather quickly.

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