U.S.S Enterprise F (Odyssey Class ) 1.0.2

Hey Guys Sci fi here I got An Ship that Cant Refuse! An Enterprise F Odyssey Class This Was My Main Goal To Bring In  bridge comma...


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Hey Guys Sci fi here I got An Ship that Cant Refuse! An Enterprise F Odyssey Class 

This Was My Main Goal To Bring In  bridge commander But with some Help from  That Guy Brian which he exported the Model From sto! and compatabillty to work in game.

This ship Is Quite powerful and well defense for its time!

The Hardpoints are done By me and Vonfrank which vonfrank Put all the weapon placements  in place where we think it be he did a Marvellous  Job placing Them

He Also Scale the size of the Odyssey Class 

 and a new Registry for it NCC-1701-F

Im been doing the weapons and sounds To make it unique from other ships.

Steps To Install

1 Highlight all the important files

2 Drag all of it in your STBC Folder

3 You should Be Good To Go

Note: Becut May Not work for this file in your game its best to do it manually as i showed above.

And if you got Stargate Mod You Will have a icon Issue which dont effect any ships in stargate or  in this mod

Odyssey Class  Still has everything and also Stargate will also still work its just the game thinking the icon the same  just minor warning if you think something wrong

I be Aiming to fix that in a later update 


Model/Registry Is Done By ThatGuyBrian And VonFrank

Hardpoints Are Done By THE SCI-FI KING

 And Vonfrank

Weapon Sounds By THE SCI-FI KING

Thank You For All the support and opportunity to mod Myself with these other modders without them i will not know modding in bridge commander

It's a pleasure to Work with them.

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Download '1.0.2-Odyssey Class.rar' (14.91MB)

About This Version (1.0.2)

Version: 1.0.2

Released: 11th January 2023 9:58pm

Release Notes:

This New Update Bring Balance   for F against  G so it be more fighting Chance 

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4 weeks ago by sky

Finally, this beautiful ship has been added. Thanks for adding!

3 weeks ago by THE SCI-FI KING

Your Welcome :-) 


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