U.S.S Enterprise H ( Canon Version )

Hey Guys  Scfi Here I have a New Enterprise Emerge from the Deep! I have fixed this Broken Ship From Black Screening as i been wanting...


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Hey Guys  Scfi Here 

I have a New Enterprise Emerge from the Deep! 

I have fixed this Broken Ship From Black Screening as i been wanting to try it and does the very thing i mentioned.

This is  the Independence-class heavy battlecruiser. It was the premiere capital ship of the Federation Starfleet during the Mid 25th century. 

The USS Enterprise-H, the 2nd ship of the class, was, as with ALL ships that bore the Enterprise name, the Federation flagship, and launched in 2453, with the class prototype itself launching in 2451.

That is a brief lore history of this ship Class 

I have made it a challenge not so easy to kill and may give higher century run for its money!  

it can run well with USS Relativity but obviously that can destroy The H but not an  one shot kill kind of thing. 

There's a  way you can Beat  the Relativity but i will leave that to you to investigate :-) 

What I done Is Getting the ship Working like from Black Screening  and done the Hardpoints and New Weapon sound.

there are other features Such As MVAM and carrier Scripts those don't work at moment im aiming  to see  if we can get it working in Future

i  also got another project that is the Enterprise J Refit to realine with the Balancing, but no extra Details gonna be added at this time  

Hexa Has also Got His Version Of H which he  balance his  enterprise J with his edited version of H. as Hexa J will not hold up with Mine  with a straight Close Fight  


you might need the engineering kit  as that can fix your sound issue and some other scripts  but if you already got it there should be no Need to here a Link to the Kit https://www.gamefront.com/games/bridge-commander/file/sfrd-engineering-kit  

Steps To Install

  • 1 Highlight all the important files
  • 2 Drag all of it in your STBC Folder
  • 3 You should Be Good To Go

Note: Becut May Not work for this file in your game its best to do it manually as i showed above.


Original People that brought This Ship To Light

Cleeve for the work on the ship

original Hardpoints done by: MRJOHN

New People that did the new Hardpoints

New Hardpoint done by 


New Registry By King Pigeon 

Playtested by TranZPhazik Torpedo




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Download '211984-184015-NCC 1701-H.rar' (18.71MB)

About This Version (1.0.0)

Version: 1.0.0

Released: 8th December 2022 10:25am

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