U.S.S Enterprise I 1.0.1

U.S.S Enterprise-IModel/Textures by: Tus and KCSHardpointing by: Greystar the DragonIn 2545, the tenth generation of the USS Enterprise (NCC...


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U.S.S Enterprise-I

Model/Textures by: Tus and KCS

Hardpointing by: Greystar the Dragon

In 2545, the tenth generation of the USS Enterprise (NCC-1701-I) Archimedes Class was launched. This ship, while being a 

ship meant for exploration, was heavily armed and retrofitted with experimental prototype Infinity Modular Arrays 

(later perfected and installed on the Enterprise-J). This ship also functioned as a testbed for the new and experimental 

Inverse Quantums. The ship also had a few second generation Hyperquantums which were first tested and used on the Atlas class 

(launched mid 25th century). The USS Enterprise I was engaged and destroyed in heavy combat with the 'Sphere Builders' in the 

early days of the Battle of Procyon V. This ship had undergone several refits before facing its end. If it hadnt have been 

destroyed there, it most likely would have been decomissioned within a decade.

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About This Version (1.0.1)

Version: 1.0.1

Released: 25th February 2023 12:49am

Release Notes:

I forgot to update the warpcore to critical, sorry guys

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