U.S.S. Sundown - Miranda Class Variant

Here is an experimental Miranda Class starship from the TMP era, a highly detailed and well made Miranda that has three warp nacelles (two i...


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Here is an experimental Miranda Class starship from the TMP era, a highly detailed and well made Miranda that has three warp nacelles (two in the normal location and one more in the middle). This ship is a part of the secret federation forces formed in the Federation - Klingon War. The ship itself is covered with black hull platings which apparently might make it more difficult to see. It also in turn makes it look more deadly than it is or at least look the part of a secret vessel in starfleet!

This ship is armed with Klingon disruptor beams, pulse disruptors, Romulan Plasma Beams, a cloaking device and standard federation equipment including phasers. This ship is fairly powerful however it has a fairly narrow firing arc, meaning you will have to almost face your target head on and some of the weapons have slow recharge rates. While this ship is powerful against other TMP Ships, it does have its weaknesses including weak points in the shields where constand and sustained weapons fire will get through the shielding.

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Download 'uss_sundown.rar' (4.96MB)

Miranda class 3 nacelles variant
U.S.S. Sundown
NCC - 4702

Authors :

Cordanilus, Dr_McCoy1701A, Pano27

Description :

U.S.S. Sundown NCC - 4702 an experimental starship which is part of the Secret Federation forces formed in Federation-Klingon War. Three nacelled Miranda class variant with pearl black hull platings. As a secret weapon it is equipped with klingon disruptor beams and pulse disruptors, Romulan heavy plasma beam and cloaking device + standard federation equipment. Shields are slightly stronger and have faster recharge rate, impulse engines were also improved. Although this ship is equiped heavly, it has its weak points like hull and shields which cannot withstand constant fire from enemy, also heavy plasma beam is very powerful but has very narrow fire arc so You'll have to line up Your ship straight to the target. Disruptor beams have been set to strong but short bursts and they have slow recharge rate, pulse disruptors are standard like on any Klingon Bird of Prey.

Tactical data :

6X phaser banks ; 3x dorsal, 3x ventral (saucer only)
4X disruptors beams ; 2x dorsal, 2x ventral (saucer only)
2X mega phasers ; 2x Aft, 2x Fore
2X pulse disruptors ; port and satrboard
1X heavy plasma beam ; forward saucer section (narrow fire arc but very powerful)

Shields have the same power as Constitution class but recharge rate is higher
Hull strenght - same as in Excelsior
Faster impulse engines
Cloaking Device

Installation :

Copy and paste Data, Scripts and SFX folders to the Bridge Commander root directory. 
Don't use BCMP, all the work has been done for You.

Credits/Special Thanks :

Original model, textures and HP ____________________Zambie Zan

TMP phasers and photon torps _______________________Zambie Zan

Model kitbash ______________________________________Cordanilus

Overall ship concept _______________________________Pano27

Retexture, HP editing ______________________________Dr_McCoy1701A

Sounds and projectiles were taken from KM 1.0 mod , DS9FX mod

Requirement :

- NanoFX 2.0 Beta

- Bridge Commander v1.1

Disclaimer :

This mod was scanned for viruses and fully tested on Bridge Commander v1.1 before it was released. I take no responsibility for any damage this mod may cause to your system before, during, or after it has been installed.

Copyright and Distribution Permissions

Copyright notices: 

Star Trek, Bridge Commander, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Star Trek: The Next Generation,
Star Trek: Voyager (and the various logo devices used in them) are copyright Paramount Pictures,
as are the characters, related images, and sound from the productions.

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