U.S.S. Voyager - J (Janeway Class)

This is a ship that was exported from STO, The person who exported it, was a person I collabed this ship with, his name is "That Guy...Brian...


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This is a ship that was exported from STO, The person who exported it, was a person I collabed this ship with, his name is "That Guy...Brian". This ship appears in the discovery star trek show in seasons 3 and 4 as a 32nd century continuation to the USS Voyager. It is equipped with 32nd century phaser beam arrays, 32nd century Type Z Quantum Torpedoes, 2 Hypercharged Trilithium devices, an extremely advanced phasing battle cloak device, and an ablative hull generator. This ship will dominate even a wells class or maybe two, it is from a future so distant that temporal technology no longer exists, and starfleet focused on hyper efficiency rather than anything else, with dilithium at a near end and the federation at its brink.

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Download '211846-183439-Janeway Class.rar' (13.92MB)

About This Version (1.0.0)

Version: 1.0.0

Released: 5th November 2022 8:11pm


- "That Guy...Brian" for extracting the model from sto and compatibilizing it into bridge commander (he stated there is no way to fix the damage model unfortunately)

- "Tardis" for figuring out and fixing some impossible technology problems and glitches that are now fixed

- me (narrowcwyfe) for making the hardpoint and all sound related aspects of this ship

*** please do not alter this ship without my permission first


- to install this ship simply copy and past the data, scripts, and sfx folders into your STBC directory

*** replace all files in order for this ship to be proper


- it works on stock but it is recommended you run this ship on a Kobayashi Maru install


- you can contact me by following me on twitter (Hexagonal_Nexul) or adding me on discord (narrowcwyfe#0007)

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Comments on this File
1 month ago by TranZPhazik Torpedo

No. My. GAWD!!! 😁 This was worth the wait, finalization, nail chewing, endless cups of coffee, and all the snax I could eat! Lol! She's a beautiful model, yo! I'm all misty-eyed over this! Thank you & the crew for the upload! I'll make sure she doles out ALL the punishment on the Federation's enemies! Lmao! Be safe & healthy! LLAP! 🖖😎

1 month ago by StockyNickel

It is very beautiful, I love it! If you can also do the Discovery Refit I would really appreciate it!   



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