212703-184015-BCRe Inquiry.rar


Hey Guys Sci Fi Here We Got  The BC Remastered Inquiry Class Is Here  this is the first release then KM Afterwards i been Balancing this in remarstred quite Well its quite powerful 

What I have Done is Update The Model Texture By Making the Hull bit brighter and Bit Sharper and eventually Turn The Deflector Blue.

The Torps i have edited i have Hybrid The Remastered Quantum Texture with a New Quantum Core which i think makes it bit more Nicer

i have put quite a bit of thought into it where i place her she is In Middle of Titan A and Odyssey  which titan A is weaker Than The Inquiry Class but Odyssey class bit more stronger  than the Inquiry.

Steps To Install

1 Highlight all the important files

2 Drag all of it in your STBC Folder

3 You should Be Good To Go

Note: Becut May Not work for this file in your game its best to do it manually as i showed above.

it's Been a Long Road for ship to be finally released! 

Now to the Credits.

That Guy Brian For Exporting From STO 

Edited Texture Work and Reg By THE SCI-FI KING

 SFX Done By Hexagonal_ Nexul (With The Phasers )

Hardpoints By THE SCI-FI KING  

Remastered Conversion By THE SCI-FI KING

 What Other Ships You want Converted In Remastered?



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