UKBC multiplayer pack 1.1 fix

the fix to the last file i posted


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the fix to the last file i posted

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Welcome to UKBC 1.1 Fix patch

This fix patch is defently required to work UKBC the origonal.
It fixes problems when you couldnt use certian ships but this problem has now been fixed.
Insatll the the ZIP patch then open it and extract the EXE file to a Temp folder and open the EXE file and install it into your STBC directory.

When you play multiplayer put your name as UKBC 1.1 or UKBC fix.

Thankyou for downloading

Uss Donoghue

Uss Donoghue: for fixing UKBC and putting things right.

Also a new add on should be out soon called UKBC 2.0

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