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Another update for the damage textures, again they are much better than the last one. I have & would recommend to download this file. :cool:

I think we should look out for more mods from Robert & Valerie Underwood :)



Ultimate Damage Textures for Star Trek: Bridge Commander (Retail Version)
File: bc_damage_v2.zip
Created By: R. Underwood 3-27-02
File Version: 2.0
Previous Versions: 1b, 1.0
  What Is This File?

These are new texture files that replace your existing DAMAGE TEXTURES in Star Trek: BC. This is the final release of my Damage textures. 

  Why Would I Want This?

These textures are highly detailed. Previous texture files are smaller in size than this release. They give the hint of deks and corridors in ships while still making the insides look destroyed, burned, and melted. There are also hints of electrical discharges as well. I did not add explosions to these textures because I feel it looks unreal and too cartoonish.

  What Do I Do To Install Them?

This is a zipped file that contains both the NEW damage textures and the original damage textures. To install just unzip ALL of the files to here:
[ Program Files - Activision - Bridge Commander - Data ]
It will ask you if you want to overwite the existing files. Just click O.K. I have provided the original files, remember? All you need to do to restore them is to change the extension of .OLD to .TGA and they will replace the NEW damage textures you just installed. But why would you want to use the originals?


  These files are larger in size than the originals so some graphics cards may (I stress may) slow down using these new textures. If this is the case with you, but you would still like to use new textures I suggest downloading my first version of the textures (bc_damagev1.zip). They are version 1.0 but who knows, you may like them better.

Thanks for all the e-mails and advice!
R. Underwood
[email protected]

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